Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2016 Written Episode 910 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2016 Written Episode 910 Update, YHM 10 Sep 2016 written episode on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which all family members are sitting in hall room. Toshi informs everyone that Romi got his MBA degree. All people gives their best wishes to Romi aka Aly Goni. After this, Ruhi says to all that now we have to celebrate an anniversary of Dadi and Daddu.

Mr. and Mrs. Toshi Bhalla are celebrating their first meeting anniversary. Mrs. Bhalla is so excited to celebrate this. Even she also planned a good gift for Mr. Bhalla. All the Bhalla family members are coming there and then slaps for them during the celebration. Everyone smiles and clap for the couple. Suddenly, Raman gets a call from someone and comes to know that strike news has been leaked to the media which will create a big issue for Raman aka Karan Patel.

Raman shouts and asks who leaked this strike news in the media. He says that I told you the strike news never get revealed in the media then how it happened? Romi and all other people are getting shocked to hear this news. Mr. Bhalla and all other people are getting shocked. He asked Raman about the strike. Raman tells everything to everyone about the strike. Raman gets tensed and thinks that how they will complete the project.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2016 Written  Episode 910:

Romi says to Raman that you don’t worry bhai, if you want then you have to shift your raw material to my company and then we will easily complete this project. Raman asks is it possible? Romi says yes bhai, why not? Ishita and all other family members are getting so happy after to see Romi and Raman’s love. They all are going to Raman’s company and then starts to shift their raw material into the truck. Ishita and Mihika check out clearly. Romi says to Raman that I am going with the truck man. Raman gets so happy and then hugs Romi. Mihika and Ishita are getting so happy.

Suddenly, Mr. Singhal is coming there and stops them from shifting raw material there to Romi’s company. Here Mihir is coming in an office and then asks a peon that why are you not joining that strike. Then, Peon says that I am not bad and I always with you. Mihir is going into Aditya’s cabin to talk with him. But they are about to talk. Suddenly, Alia is coming there. Mihir is feeling so bad.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th September 2016 Written:

Suddenly, Mihir gets Ishita’s call and comes to know about Mr. Singhal’s choice. Mihir is going from there. Alia is trying to talk with Aditya but he is not ready to talk with her. After some time, he is getting angry and bursts out on Alia. He also confesses his love to Alia. She gets shocked. Even Aditya blames Alia for ruining is life.

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