Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which Ruhi is getting ready for going somewhere. Raman is  coming there and asks her where is she going now? Ruhi says that I am going outside for the coffee with Sohail. Raman says that you won’t go anywhere because he is not a good guy. Even he is a fake and defaulter boy who told us a lie every time. Don’t know who is he? Ruhi gets shocked.

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Ishita is also coming there. Even all people are also coming there. Sohail is coming there suddenly and says that why sir, why are you saying this. Yesterday, you told me so many time, thankyou, thankyou. Today you are saying all this. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th December 2016 written update. Ruhi says that Sohail is not a bad guy and he is coming here to help us only from his true heart.

He tells the situation of his family that his parents are passing through the financial conditions. So that I was thinking to arrange a concert and tried hard to approach Ruhaan. But that time, I hadn’t known about Ruhi. Ruhi says that I myself tell him about myself that I am Ruhaan. All Bhalla family is getting emotional to see him. After some time, Toshi Bhalla is saying to all arrange a good food for him.

After this Raman is talking to Vidyut and comes to know that he will be going to Australia soon and he will settle there forever. Raman says him to come home last time and they are arranging a small farewell for him. Vidyut says no. But Ishita and all other family members are forcing Vidyut to come soon. Otherwise, they will come there and talks to him. He says it’s ok, let me come there.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2016 Written Episode:

After this, Toshi Bhalla and all other family members are making a lot of noises only to decide the kitchen menu for Vidyut. Raman shouts on them very badly and says that nobody will irritate him. You will behave properly with him. Otherwise, I will say no to him. They all are promising to Raman that no we will behave properly. Here Ruhi is thinking about Sohail and thinks that she sends a friend request to him. But he didn’t accept yet.

Toshi is coming there and then says to Ruhi that I want to go to parlor now just to take wrinkle treatment. Ruhi says ok you don’t worry, we will be going there after to get an appointment from them. Toshi says ok, you will take an appointment and then we will go there. Suddenly, Ruhi gets Sohail’s call and he is calling Ruhi at home just to decide her costume for the concert.

Ruhi gets so happy. She says that I have already sent you a friend request because there are already a number of shows photos. Due to which, you will get an idea about my costumes. He says ok but I am not using social media platform. Ruhi says ok. Here Ishita is checking out the saree that which one she will wear tonight. Raman is not helping her in choosing a good saree. He says that you can wear in which your boy won’t expose.

Ishita asks why? Let me wear this saree. Raman says no if you will wear this saree then everyone will see you. She smiles and starts to make a fun. Here Ruhi says to her that I am going to the meeting now. So that you will go there with Mihika chiti and all. Here Pihu is coming there and shows her new dress to Ishita. She says that I purchased this dress from Adelaide. Ishita asks are you missing your mom. She makes a call to Mani and invites him for the party with Shagun.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here all people are coming in the party where Romi is handling everything. Ishita is coming there by wearing a white saree. She is looking hot. Raman starts to do romance with him. Suddenly, Mr. Bhalla is coming there and then asks where you your mother? They are replying to him that she will be coming here with a grand entry. Here Sohail is coming there to drop Ruhi but she forces him to come inside and attends the party. He says it’s your house party. Then what will I do there?

She says papa will be getting happy to see you there. Suddenly, Toshi Bhalla is coming there and then going inside by hiding his face. Ruhi sees him and asks what happened? Why are you not showing your face? Toshi is not replying her. But Ruhi is forcing her to show. When she shows her, Ruhi gets shocked and says that where is your eye brow?

Toshi says that I was going to the parlor to become more beautiful and then I applied a hair removal cream on my eyebrow then my eyebrow was getting disappear. Sohail says that you don’t worry, I will make it correct. He is applying a kajal there just to make her eyebrows in a right way. Ruhi and Toshi Bhalla are getting so happy to see this talent of Sohail.

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