Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written Episode 972 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written Episode 972, Written Update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Shagun is looking so gorgeous in a red dress. Mani calls her outside. Shagun and Alia are coming there. Mani calls her a gorgeous girl. She smiles. Pihu and Alia are coming there.Mani says her to come with him for the competiton.

Alia and Aditya are standing on the stage as host. Aditya says to all that here we welcome all couples here. Our first round is Ramp Walk. Apart from this, the show winner will become the face of  the newly launched ‘Couple Energy Drink.’ Alia says that I am really disappointed because Amma is not participating in the competition.

Ishita is falling sick on the morning. Raman calls her and says her to get ready for the competition. But when he sees her bad condition like she is laying on the bed and body temperature is high. He says that you have to take rest and I am calling a Doctor now. Ishita says no Raman it’s ok, I have to handle and take some energy drinks. So that I will easily come with you.

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Here Madhu is getting ready for the competition. She thinks Vishwa forgot his wallet here. She is going to see Vishwa where he gets him to talk with someone on the phone. He says that I am going with my wife now and will talk to you later. Madhu starts to cry a lot. Toshi comes there and calls her pataka. She asks what happened? Madhu says that Vishwa is having an affair with another girl. Toshi says how do you know?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written Episode 972:

Here Alia calls Ruhi and informs her about the counselor appointment of Pihu. She says that if I will go there then Shagun aunty will catch me anywhere, so you have to go with Pihu. Ruhi says ok you don’t worry, I am going wth her. Here Ishita is trying to make a call to Alia. Her mobile is getting busy with someone else. After this, she tries a call to Ruhi but her number is switched off.

Here Shagun thinks that where is Pihu. Aditya says that now we are going for our second or next round of this competition. Shagun thinks that where is Pihu? With whom Pihu is busy. After some efforts, she comes to know that Pihu is with Ruhi. So that she gets relax to hear this.

Here Vishwa is talking to Maya. Suddenly, Madhu aunty is coming there and asks Maya what are you doing here? How dare you to talk with my husband? Vishwa says what are you doing here? Maya says that I a phychologist and he discussed your matter with me. Alia comes there and asks what are you doing here Doctor Dixit.

Alia says that she os Doctor Dixit and she is  a big phychologist, so that’s why she is dealing with Pihu’s case. Is Pihu will say that she didn’t take any pill then it would be easy for Ishita Amma to take Pihu’s custody. She informs Dr. Dixit that Pihu and Ruhi are waiting for you in your room. She says ok.

Raman says that I know very well that we are a perfect couple, so we don’t want to prove this thing to anyone else. Here Shagun is getting busy in the competition preparations. Here Alia makes a call to Ishita and informs her that I am going to take Pihu to the counselor’s clinic. Ishita prays to god to please take care of my daughter, if she will reveal everything to the counselor then everything will be getting alright.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written:

After some time, Mihika and Romi are winning the competition. They are getting so happy. Raman gives a medicine to Ishita. He gets Romi’s call and comes to know about the good news i.e Romi and Mihika won the show. Ishita and Raman are giving their best congratulations to them. Here Ruhi and Alia are trying to find out Pihu but here Shagun goes back to home with Pihu without informing anyone.

Pihu says to Shagun that Alia did is calling you. Shagun says don’t answr her call beta. Actually, Ishita and all other people are trying to separate us. Even though Dixit aunty is also involved in this plan. Pihu gets angry. Suddenly, Shagun comes to know that her car breaks are gettng failed.

She informs Pihu about this and says her to go on the back side seat. Therefore. you catch the seat tightly, even I will save you at any cost. Pihu is going on the back seat. After some time, they meet with an accident. Mani gets a call and comes to know an accident. He gets shocked. Doctor says that Shagun and Pihu are ok. So that Shagun is in Coma due to big accident. But Pihu is alright.

Suddenly, Ishita and Raman are coming there. Ishita calls Pihu Pihu, she asks my Pihu is alright or not? Pihu gets angry and says that you were trying to kill my mother because Shagun mumma told me that Ishita aunty failed our breaks. Suddenly, Shagun gets up and says that don’t come near to me and my daughter. Ishita gets shocked to see this.

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