Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Serial

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Serial on

YHM begins with Ruhi calling to everyone because Pihu is coming back at home. Toshi Bhalla says to Pihu that I will make your favorite food and we all will see Sajan Ka Sasural Serial .But Pihu rejected to see this serial and go back in her room. Raman says to Toshi Bhalla that we will make a plan for the tour for Pihu. He says that its may be possible that Pihu’s mind will be changed after this tour. Toshi Bhalla says that I want my Pihu as she behaves before. She prays to Mata Rani to make Pihu happy.

Mani comes in his room and consolidates to Shagun that everything will be alright. I know you remember Pihu so much because u love her. He says that we will go outside for visit to fresh our mind. Shagun rejects to go because she is very much concerned about Pihu. Shagun says that she does not want to stay away from Pihu. Shagun says to Mani that shall we sleep in separate rooms for few days. Shagun says that we have to make familiar to each other and then we will be comfortable. Shagun plan works to go away from Mani.

Ishita goes to Pihu room to wake her up. She also takes breakfast for her and says good morning to Pihu. Pihu opens his eyes. Ishita tells her that we will be going to Hongkong for the tour. And today we are going for shopping. Ishita informs her that i put a copy to make a list of all things which you want to purchase. Ishita again says to Pihu for waking up but Pihu ignores her. Pihu shouts on Ishita and says that I am not going anywhere with you. Pihu says that i hate you because you are the main reason to separate my papa and Shagun mummy. Pihu says that i am not able to understand that why whole Bhalla family believes on you. But I am not meshing. I know what you want but I will not win this game to you. Pihu throws breakfast and harm to Ishita. Ishita’s forehead injured and blood comes. Ishita goes away from Pihu’s room.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2016 Written Episode:

Rommy says to Mihika Good Morning and informs her that you don’t make my breakfast. Mihika asks him that is there any meeting or anything else. Rommy says that some problems are faced by my friend. So, i am going to share his problem and try to solve this. On that time, one call comes to Rommy. Rommy attends and says Hey, Hi beautiful. Mihika shocked to hear this. But Rommy sees Mihika and change the topic. Mihika says to herself that today i will catch you red handed.

Aalya makes food for Mani, Shagun and herself. Shagun comes and Mani offers her to take breakfast. But Shagun says that i am not doing breakfast,i am always taking tea in the morning. Alya asks from Mani that shall I ask a question? He says Yes. Aalya asks that why Shagun Aunty was sleeping in the guest room. Mani says that Shagun and he want to take some time to know each other. Shagun says that i miss Pihu very much. I am calling her to know how is she?

Mihika reaches to that Cafe where Rommy comes to meet Sanchi. Mihika and Sanchi orders replaced and they both talk to each other. they both sit at the same place and sharing personal details of each other. Mihika is on call and Rommy see her. He is very tensed to see Mihika and Sanchi together. Rommy sent a message to Sanchi and Sanchi tells Mihika that my boyfriend is not coming here. So I have to go from here.

Ishita cries and says to Raman that i am very bad. Raman makes her understand that you are a good mother. Raman asks from Ishita that what Pihu say to you? Raman says that i am proud of you that you are my children’s mother.

Pihu shouts on Ishita and says that I am coming and here to say Sorry to you. But how dare you to my father. I hate you, Aunty. She is very bad. Pihu says that you are same as the victim as she is in Sajan ka Sasural. Raman slaps Pihu. Ishita stands and Pihu says that I hate you Haar wali Aunty because my father slaps me first time due to you only.

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