Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 Written Episode Update on

The serial starts with the scene in which Raman is going to meet ACP Abhishek and then informs him about Mani everything. They are discussing each other about Mani and all. Raman tells him about the threatening call which he took on Mani’s call. Abhishek says that we have to find out the real matter behind this. Here Ishita is giving a medicine to Shagun and says that I am upset from Mani’s side. Even he asked me once before to impose all these instructions over Raman. Shagun says that I understand but sometimes Raman can do childish behavior. So we have to take strict action against Raman just to change him. After some time, Pihu is coming there. Ishita asks what happened? Pihu replies that I won’t go home because history teacher scolds me very badly because I don’t understand history subject. Ishita says this subject is very easy. Don’t you scared from this subject. Ruhi comes there. Pihu asks who will teach me?

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Param is coming at Bhalla house and Mihika opens the door. Mihika asks you are here? Param says that I am coming here for Ananya’s project with all items. Actually, Simmi called me yesterday and that’s why I am coming here. Suddenly, Ananya comes there and then takes her father inside. Mihika makes him sit down. Toshi and Mr. Bhalla are coming there. Mihika says them to go inside. Suddenly, Gaurav is coming there. Mr, Bhalla gets angry and asks what are you doing here?  Gaurav replies that I know Simmi is not here. So that’s why I thought to take Ananya outside for the movie.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 Written Update:

Nidhi makes a call to Mani when he is in office. Mani asks why were you calling me? Nidhi says you told me that you make me a call but you didn’t. So that’s why I call you. Nidhi threatens him very badly. Mani shouts and says that stop you do this. Nidhi says I just want to make you remember that if can do anything against me then I will kill your aunty. Mani gets tensed. Here Ishita is talking with Raman about Pihu. Ishita says you don’t worry.  Raman asks who is Mani? Why is he taking decision for our lives? Ishita says don’t you take it wrong. Mani was making me right by saying that I have to keep some distance in between you and my children. This is the only way to change you. Raman shouts and says to Ishita that Mani is right and I wrong. Everytime, you are saying the same thing. Why Ishita? If Mani is a good guy then why you left him? Ishita gets angry and says that you are again calling me Characterless. What is this? Why Raman? She cuts the call, Raman feels bad by thinking that why he get hyper all the time? In the next day morning, Raman is sitting on the dining table. Mihika shows a newspaper to him by saying that Mani gave advertisement in the newspaper for history subject. He gets angry and says that Ishita is doing wrong with me.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 Written Episode:

Raman comes to know that Mani invested in Nidhi’s company and even she is threatening Mani and that’s why Mani is doing all this. Romi says we have to talk to Mani. Raman stops him and says that firstly we have to find out the complete plan of Nidhi and then we will think how to deal with this plan. Romi says ok. Raman says that my family is at Mani’s home. How will I secure them? What can I do? Romi says that bhabhi won’t give you a permission to come inside. Raman says I will change my look and then go there. Here Abhishek is in the kitchen with his fiance. A song plays on,”Nashe Si Chadd Gayi Oye.” They are romancing each other. Door bell rings up. His fiance says that you have to open the door now because someone is on the door. Abhishek says that I won’t open the door. Let him ring the bell. His fiance says him to open the door. After some time, Raman is going to Abhishek’s home where Abhishek is making a breakfast with his fiance. Raman is directely coming inside. Abhishek says don’t to come inside like this. Here is my fiance inside. Ramam says I have a work with your fiance. She asks what?

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