Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with Raman is sitting on the dining table and takes a breakfast. Suddenly, he says that Ishita is making a fabulous paratha’s. Today she is making outstanding paratha and I love it. Even mother didn’t make these type of tasty parathe. Ruhi says that I already eat paratha but they are normal as usual. Simmi laughs and says that why are you making this fun?

Here Ruhi is getting ready for the meeting because she is going to meet Sohail in his office. She is looking so beautiful and thinks about him too. She is about to go. Suddenly, Simmi is coming there and then asks her to come with her for the play. Ruhi replies that I am going for an important meeting now with Sohail, please take Mihika with her. Simmi says it’s ok Ruhi you may go now and I will go with Mihika. Ruhi smiles and go from there. Ishita calls her but Ruhi ignores her. Ishita asks where is she going from here? Simmi tells her. Ishita recalls the words which were said by Shagun that Ruhi is only 17 and she is getting attracted towards Sohail now. Ishita decides to discuss it with Raman about this matter.

After some time, Raman is taking a tea by sitting on the sofa. But mistake he puts a tea on the medical reports which Ishita was putting there. After some time, when Ishita comes to know this, she don’t scold anyone. Simmi says that what is this? Ishita is behaving so cool after this? What is going on? Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2016 written update .

Ishita is going from there. Simmi says what happened with Ishita? Why is she behaving like this? Raman says may be she is getting drunk all the time. Toshi says what are you saying? Raman says I am going to my office now. Here Ishita is coming in her room and thinks that she made Raman fool and hides her mistake very nicely. Ishita is getting shocked. Here Ruhi and Sohail are working together in an office.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Ruhi is coming outside in a Ruhan’s outfit. Sohail is looking at her and gets romantic too. Ruhi thinks why is he looking at me like this? What is going on. He asks Rockstars wear different type of shoes in their foots. Ruhi says no. She screams and says let me change it. She is getting down and her hairs are getting loose. Sohail and Ruhi are enjoying eye meet. A song plays on,’ Chahe Tum Kuch Na Kaho, Maine Sun Liya, Pyar Ka Saathi Maine Chun Liya.’

Here Raman and Simmi are talking to each other about Ishita’s different behavior like she didn’t scold him badly as she always do. Simmi says that she didn’t fired you and it’s really strange. Raman says I am also thinking the same. Simmi says that you did mistake, so that you were behaving nicely. Here she is doing the same, so that she is behaving very nicely. Raman says I will find out. Simmi says why are you sitting here, you just go and find out.

Raman is coming to Ishita’s room and starts to find out Ishita’s mistake. He thinks his clothes are same, his files are ok, and his everyhting is ok. Ishita is coming there and asks what happened? Raman gets Vidyut’s call and comes to know that Ishita gave his scotch bottle to Vidyut without asking him. Raman scolds her very badly and says why you did this. Ishita says I have ordered for you. Raman and Ishita are getting so happy and decides to go for the dinner. Raman says that we will take Ruhi also.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2016 Written Episode:

Raman makes a call to Ruhi and asks her for the dinner. She replies that I already eat my food and I am so busy now. Raman asks what happened? Have you finished your work? Ruhi replies that I am so busy and will come back to the home after to finish my work. Ramam says ok. Ishita says that Ruhi isn’t coming with us because she thinks that we will enjoy time together. Ishita says him to get ready fast and comes with him. He says ok. Here Sohail asks her to go for the dinner. Ruhi says ok, I am so hungry and I have to go there with you. Here Alia gets her friend’s call and comes to know that she is coming to India  and meets her. She says to Alia to bring her fiance too. Alia makes a call to Adi to ask him  but he is busy in his green tea. Alia thinks that he is not taking her call purposely. Here Aditya is feeling bad for Alia because he talked with her badly last day. After some time, Aditya makes a call to Alia and asks her what happened? Alia says that my friend wants to meet you and she is coming from Australia. Aditya says ok to her and says her to bring her friend at his home and he will say to Neelu to make something special for them. Alia is getting so happy. Here Simmi is saying to Mihika that please come with me because I want to see that show which is so much famous and ratings are also good. Mihika says I am busy yar, I have to complete Ruhi’s project and then Romi’s work. So please you have to think about th play and you will go there alone. Simmi says no. Mihika says that you are independant woman, so that you have to enjoy this play at your own. Mihika booked her tickets. Raman and Ishita are going for the dinner. In between, Raman stops the car to purchase his scotch and Ishita is in the car. She sees Ruhi with Sohail there. She gets shocked to see them. Ishita thinks that what is she doing here? Why she told us a lie? She thinks if Raman will come to know this, he won’t tolerate this truth. She is coming out from the car and then goes to meet them.

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