Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Episode 913 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 913, YHM 13 Sep 2016 on

The Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update Serial continues with the scene in which Raman is getting shocked to see Aditya’s bad condition like how he get drunk and thinks about Alia. He thinks that how will he treat Aditya? What will he do to bring Aditya back in his previous innocent stage? Here Ishita is going to Mani’s house just to talk to Mihir and Alia. Whereas Shagun goes to Alia’s room and sees Alia to cry a lot. She is giving an emotional support to Alia by saying that you don’t worry, I have to talk with Mihir about this matter that how he said no to you. Alia gets angry and says to Shagun that don’t you guide me a wrong way. Even Raman uncle was right that I hurt Aditya a lot and also thinking wrong about Mihir. Shagun gets shocked. Alia is going into her room.

Ishita reaches to Mani’s home and asks Mihir what did you do Mihir? Mihir replies that I was just trying to make Alia understand about the real life that I am not a right choice for her. Ishita says whatever but this was  not the right way to teach Alia a lesson. Even she called me and she cried a lot. Now I am going in Alia’s room. Ishita handles Alia and makes her to get sleep. She kisses Alia to make her relax. Shagun sees all this and gets angry. Here in the next day morning, Raman is sitting in Adi’s room. He offers a drink to him. Aditya says that what are you saying papa? Raman replies that what can I do, if you came in front of me in a bad drunken state then why are you getting so shy to take a drink in front of me now.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Update Episode 913:

Here Raman and Ishita are going to the company where Mihir is waiting for them. He says to Raman and Ishita that you people are getting tired so much. So you have to go back to home and take some rest. Suddenly, Romi is coming there and says to them that he dissolve his partnership with Ashok and now he is ready to help Raman only. They both are getting so happy. But Romi is also saying the same that Raman bhai and bhabhi, you people go to home and take some rest. We will handle here. Raman says no we have to present here. It’s too critical time.

After this Ishita says to all that she is having an idea. Raman asks what? Ishita says to Mihir and Romi that you please fix my private meeting with Union leader because I want to talk with him and if I will get fail. Then, you people will handle this situation at your own, I will not interfere in it. Mihir says ok. Therefore, Mihir and Romi are going to talk to Union leader. Here Alia wakes up and she decides to meet Aditya as soon as possible just to say sorry to him.

She leaves a text to Aditya for a meeting. Aditya replies to her that  we will today and after some time. Here, Aditya is going to meet Aditya. He gets his friend on the way. Adi offers a lift to him. But his friend is so angry. Aditya asks what happened? He replies to Adi that his girl friend is creating so many drama and that’s why he is in bad mood. Aditya says oh this is so sad.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th September 2016 Written Update:

Ishita meets with Union Leader. She bribe that leader. Finally, she is getting successful in her plan. Then, Leader is getting ready to take a bribe. But when he comes out from the Ishita’s cabin and then all workers are coming there. They are catching that leader red handed. Ishita gives one emotional lecture to all workers and then all workers are getting ready to work again. Raman and all other people are getting so happy.  Here Alia is going to meet Aditya in a park where she is waiting for Adi from last some time. Somebody is coming there and throw acid on Alia’s face. Someone takes her to the hospital. Police is coming there for submitting a report and then going to Mani’s home.

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