Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode 975 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode 975, written update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Raman is going to Pihu’s school where Pihu is calling him again and again because she will have to submit her science project which is carried by Raman for her. To get her project, she called him so many time. Finally, he is coming at Pihu’s school. She gets so much happy to see her project. She rns and hugs Raman very tightly. She says to Raman that you are the best papa of this world. Raman is getting so happy to hear this.

Shagun is coming there. She appreciates Pihu’s project. Pihu says papa brought this project for me. Shagun says it’s nice. Pihu’s teacher is coming there and says her to display her project in the competition. Shagun gets Mani’s call. He says to Shagun that I am so sorry Shagun that I am not giving a proper time to you. Shagun says it’s ok, I know you are busy. Shagun asks where are you? Mani replies I am in Australia and this is awesome place.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written Episode 975:

Here Aditya and Ruhi are organizing a father’s day function just to felicitate all the father’s of the world. Ruhi says I am feeling so happy that my father is nominated here. Ruhi says my father is the bets father of the world, he is my good friend and my super-hero too.

Aditya says that my papa is a true hero of my life and I can’t imagine my life without my papa is impossible. All family members are coming there including Ishita and Mihika. Aditya says I want to introduce you people with my father and that my Ishima. She is getting so happy. Aditya says my Ishima is my father or mother both, I congratulate her on this auspicious day of father’s day because you gives us a lot of love at every stage. Ruhi says I love you so much Ishima.

Here Mihika is taking Ishita at the spot where Aditya and Ruhi are planning hard for celebrating father’s day and they are not considering Ishita at their father. They wishes her a very happy father’s day. Even though, they are saying to Ishita that you are the best father of the world. Ishita gets teary eyes. Stay tuned with us for more and regular updates.

Here Pihu gets the first prize in the competition. She is getting so happy and calls Raman on the stage for sharing her trophy. Raman is getting so happy and going on the stage. Here Ishita hugs Ruhi and Aditya on the stage. In the next day morning, Neelu brings a white lily flowers with a note, these flowers are for Ishita and someone sends these flowers with love for her.

Simmi, Toshi Bhalla, and ┬áMihika are coming there. Neelu handovers those flowers to Simmi. Toshi asks who send these flowers to Ishita. Simmi says maybe Aditya sends these flowers. Aditya is coming there and says that I didn’t send any flowers to her. Maybe Ruhi send these flowers. Suddenly, Ruhi comes there and says that no I didn’t. Ishita comes there and says, wao, so many beautiful flowers these are. But who send to whom?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2016 Written:

Simmi says someone send these flowers to you. Ishita says for me? Simmi says yes. Ishita says that I don’t know who send these flowers to me. Simmi and Mihika are pulling Ishita’s leg. But she replies, I don’t know. Suddenly, Mr. Bhalla iss coming there and says that I send these flowers to my daughter because she is paying her duties very well because of her I don’t miss Raman here and she handles everything.

Ishita says thankyou to him and says that I am going to put these flowers inside the room. Mr. Bhalla says ok beta. All people are getting so happy to see this. Vishwa say thankyou to him for take care of his daughter very well. Mr. Bhalla says no, she is my daughter too. Here Raman wakes up and missing desi punjabi food. He starts to check out old photos and videos. He says I miss you all but I will not come back because I am here for Pihu and will always be here only for her.

In the next day morning, Shagun meets her college friend. She asks why are you not coming in college re-union? Shagun says ohh yar I missed it. She says I have so many hot topics which I want to discuss gossips and all. Shagun is getting so much excited for the gossips. She invites her friend at home and enjoys coffee together.

She tells Shagun that our college head boy Vidyut is not becoming a India’s biggets crickiter. He wants to meet you. Can you? Shagun says no yar I already had so many relationships. She says what yar, he is just a friend, if you will do little flirt with him then it doesn’t wrong. Afterall, you will go back to your husband in the last. Shagun yes ok. lets meet him soon. She is getting super excited to meet Vidyut.

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