Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th September 2016 Written Episode 914 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 914, YHM 14 Sep 2016 on

The Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial continues with the scene in which Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi is getting so upset to think about Aditya Bhalla. Shagun is also coming there. They start to discuss Aditya and Alia’s matter. Ishita says that I never believe that Aditya did this with Alia, I know he is in anger due to heart broken. But he never thinks of doing all this. Shagun is opposing Ishita and says that I think he can do this. Ishita is getting shocked after to hear Shagun’s words. She thinks that how she can tell all this for her own son.

Here Police is coming to arrest Aditya Bhalla at Bhalla house. Mani is in shock to think about Alia’s condition. Even though all people are getting shocked to see all this like someone threw acid on Alia’s face and Police is coming to arrest Aditya Bhalla. Even Police officer is also having a proof against Aditya because they read out the message which was sending by Aditya to Alia.  After some time, Mani and Shagun are coming in the hospital to meet Alia. Mani asks Nurse what happened? Nurse says to Mani that someone threw acid on Alia. Mani is getting shocked and goes into the Alia’s ward. Here Toshi Bhalla is crying a lot. Simmi, Neelu, and Mihika are trying to handle Toshi Bhalla.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th September 2016 Written Update Episode 914:

Ishita and Mihir are going to meet Alia. But when Ishita is sitting near to Alia and then getting emotional. Alia says to Ishita that I need you please don’t go anywhere. Then Nurse says to all to go outside for some time because it’s a dressing time. Alia is crying a lot and calls Ishita. Mani is sitting very sad and upset. After some time, Ishita is coming to meet Mani. She is trying to give an emotional support to him. Ishita says that I am so worried about Aditya and Alia both. She is trying to handle Mani but he is silent and not giving any reply.

Here Police is trying to find out Aditya here and there. Finally, they get Aditya in a park in his car. He is getting faint. Police constables are opening the door and then gets an acid bottle. They are saying that finally, they get a clue and they arrest him finally. Shagun is coming there where Ishita and Mani are sitting together. Shagun says to Ishita that maybe Aditya did all this. He is so stubborn. Ishita says what are you saying? Shagun is saying that I am saying right.

Suddenly, Police is coming there for Alia’s statement. Shagun, Ishita, Mani, and Police officer are going into Alia’s room. Police asks Alia about the culprit. Alia says that he was wearing something orange and his height was around 5’10”. Police is going from there and then starts to ask Aditya a number of questions. Ishita and Raman are coming there to save Aditya. Ishita shouts very loudly and then says that my son is innocent.

Suddenly Mani is coming there and says that Aditya is innocent. So you have to leave him now. Police Officer asks Mani that why are you saying this? Mani says I am saying you again and again that I don’t want to file any complaint against him. So you have to leave him because he is innocent. Then, Police leaves Aditya freely. Ishita, Raman, and Aditya are  coming outside for going back to home. Therefore, Aditya is going to talk to Mani for saying sorry to him. But Mani is getting angry and points  a gun towards Aditya just to kill him. Raman and Ishita are trying to stop him. But Mani is not ready to hear anyone. He says I will not leave Aditya anymore.

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