Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Serial

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Serial on

The serial continues with the scene in which Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi will be getting so happy to know Raman’s decision over her master plan to get Pihu back. Even though, they will easily keep Pihu at Bhalla house without to force her. Yes, we are talking about Ishita’s plan i.e She will look after Raman’s business and Raman will look after household works and especially Pihu that he makes her ready for the school, he drops her in the school, he can also pack her tiffin and also look after her homework. So all of this is included in Ishita’s plan. Raman agrees with this and says that you are such a brilliant plan maker. Raman asks her why are you looking so shocked? Ishita says to him that I won’t believe that agree with my plan. Raman says I can agree with any of the plan for my Pihu. Raman says to her that if I am a Ravan Kumar sometimes why I am not becoming Sita for my daughter Pihu. Ishita smiles.

Mihir reach to the house of Romi and says indirectly that you enjoy the party. Actually Mihir wants to asks for Exclusive Champagne and then he says to Romi that he call to the shop keeper and asks for the Champagne then he tells that there was only one Champagne but that already sold. Mihir says to Romi that he asks the client name then he comes to know that he is Romy. Romi gets angry and says he have so many clients so he purchase the Champagne and then he go away from there. Mihir gets shock to see the behavior of Romi and thinks he is just casually asks about the Champagne. The is another side Raman is getting ready to Pihu for the school and Ishita is watching this all beside the wall.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2016 Written Episode:

Romi and his girl-friend are talking with each other. Romi tells to her that there was one contract which is most important for him but now the contract is in another hand. Romi’s girl-friend tries to make him understand that firstly talk to your elder brother and tells him that this contract this most important for you and he will understand your need. Romi says yes he will talk with Raman but suddenly he recall the talk of Mihir and says no he will talk with some one else person. Shagun reach to the house of Raman and Ishita. Then Ishita stop to Shagun and says hi and what are you doing here in the early morning. Shagun says to Ishita that she is here to meet to Pihu and then Ishita tells to her that Pihu is in the school. Shagun says to Ishita that she will meet her in the school then Ishita tells to her that she is with her father (Raman). Actually Ishita don’t want that Shagun meet to Pihu. Ishita tells to her that now they decide that Ramn will take care of Pihu till she get well soon. Then Shagun goes away from there and she gets jealous from her.

After a little break Romi reach to the office of Raman Bhalla, Where he meets to Mihir and then he asks for the contract from him that he wants this contract at any cost. Mihir says to Romi that you thinks that you are the brother of Raman Bhalla and then he will give this contract to you. Romi says yes I am his little brother and he will give favor to me. Romi says to him that you already knows that Raman will never give any favor or do partiality with his business so go from here. Romi gets angry and then there is big argument in between Mihir and Romi. Then Aliya suddenly comes there and then she stops to Romi and says what are doing.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2016 Episode Update:

Ishita reaches to the conference meeting and then there is argument in between Ashok and Ishita and then Ishita says that now she will handle the business of Raman because he has trust worthy people around him.

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