Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the Romi is coming to talk to Aditya and asks him about Surbhi. He says thanks to him for saving him from Surbhi. Aditya says that it’s ok chachu, I know what happen if Mihika will be coming in front of her. Romi asks was Surbhi saying anything about him? Aditya says that no she didn’t say anything to him. Romi says it’s ok and now I am getting hungry.

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Aditya says that I am also getting hungry. Even Ishita and Mihika are going to Iyer house to bring south Indian breakfast for us but they are not coming yet. Romi says it’s ok, you have wait for them. Mihika comes there and hears everything. She scolds Romi very badly and says that I will kill you because I am getting a headache by hearing your old flings and affairs. Aditya says that I am sorry Chitti but I don’t know that he didn’t scold you badly.

Simmi is coming there and asks what happened. Mihika says that you don’t worry, but now we are going to watch out your play for which you were talking yesterday. Simmi says thank you because her work has been done now because of their fight. Simmi laughs and goes from there. Alia is coming there and Ishita asks her what happened? She says that Appa is already sad and he is not replying to my messages and phone calls. Ishita says it’s ok. Don’t worry, everything will be getting happen.

Ishita says him to do a breakfast with Aditya. She says ok. Aditya says that I was calling you 10 times but why weren’t  you replying me. Alia says that I didn’t get any phone call. She shows her phone and says that my phone battery is dead. So you just ready to say sorry. Alia says him to give his phone to her. He gives his phone. Alia asks for the password. But he says, please give me my phone and I will open it. Romi comes there and pulls his leg too by saying that if Alia want your password then you have to give her. Alia says that Romi Chachu is saying right.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Ishita is talking to Raman about amma’s words that she was saying, every mother have to make a balance amid father and children. So that we have to think about this. Raman says to Ishita that you have to talk to Ruhi and makes her to understand that her age is not to make boyfriends or any other. Ishita says that please Raman, don’t say anything and leave this matter. Now you have to go to your office. Otherwise, you would think all this. They are coming in the hall room where Aditya and Alia are doing controversy with each other.

Ishita says that if I will ask password to Raman then he will give it to me. She asks Raman but he denies by saying that I have so many important files then why will I give you a password. Finally, Raman is getting stuck in the bad naughty situation. Romi smiles and enjoys a lot. Toshi and Mr. Bhalla are coming there and then asks what happened? Toshi says that if I will ask for the password to Mr. Bhalla then he will give it to me. But Mr. Bhalla denies. Toshi and Bhalla are also getting into the controversy. Mihika comes and then gets into controversy with Romi because he is also not giving the password.

All the couples are getting stuck into this situation and then all ladies are going from there. Raman scolds Aditya and says that why were you creating this situation. If Alia wanted your password then you must gave her and then change your password again. After some time, Mr. Bhalla brings samosa and try to make Toshi happy but she is not ready to hear any word. Mihika apcks her bag and ready to go to her perry Amma’s home. Romi is trying to stop her but she is taking footage.

Ishita is coming back to her room and starts to pack her bag for going outside from the home. Raman is coming there and asks her what happened? Where are you going from here? Why are you looking so angry? What happened? Ishita is not replying him and says that don’t ask anything to me. Raman says that what?

Why don’t ask anything to me? Ishita says that I never accept this from you that you think wrong about your wife like this. Raman asks what happened? Ishita says that I am not happy with your behavior which you didn’t share you password with me. Raman gets shocked. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th December 2016 written update.

Romi is coming out from his room and looks so worried. Raman asks what happened? He says that Mihika is going to her home for some days. Raman says ok, Ishita is going also. Romi smiles. Raman says that you created a mess yaar. Vishwa is coming there and asks what happened? They are telling everything to him and asks him that he is having a password on his phone or not. Vishwa says no, I don’t have a password. Raman says if Amma is having a password on her phone then she won’t give you. Vishwa says it never happened? Vishwa says I am going and you people will see that how will she easily give me a password. Vishwa asks Madhu about the password but she denies.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th December 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Ruhi is coming on the dining table where .

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