Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written Episode 976 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written Episode 976, written update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Romi says to Mihika that I am going to meet Vidyut, he is a former cricketer but due to the shoulder injury. So that’s why he left the game. But today we are going to meet each other and it would be a good opportunity to me to hear all fours and sixes of him.

Mihika says that I have planned out full holiday. Then why are you going there. Romi says that please let me go. Mihika says no. Romi says yes. At last, Romi is going from there to meet Vidyut. Mihika gets angry. Here Ishita is in her clinic and gets so many phone calls, messages and all. She smiles and says that why is he doing this? If I am not taking any call then he starts to do messages. She feels shy.

Here Raman is coming back to home with Pihu where Shagun is waiting for them. Raman says that we went for the badminton classes. Shagun says ok. Raman scolds her very badly and says that today is your duty to handle her then where were you? Shagun gets angry. Raman scolds her. Shagun thinks why I am cribbing. Raman’s presence is such a big asset for me. I am feeling so relax full.

Ruhi is coming in Ishita’s room where she takes Ishita’s face. She asks Ishita why are you applying a password on your phone. Why are you locking your phone? Ishita says are you asking all this to me? Ruhi says normally, I am asking all this to you. Ishita says I am your mother and after that, you are asking all this to me.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written Episode 976:

In the night, Ishita is doing her work. Ruhi is coming there and sits with her. Suddenly, Ishita’s phone ringa up. Ruhi says let me check. She is going there to check her phone. Ruhi asks why are you applying a lock on her phone. She is asking a number of questions to Ishita.

Ishita replies that, I am asking all this to you? That why are you locking your phone? Ruhi says. In between Ishita says your case is different right? Ruhi gets silent. Ishita says I am locking my phone only for safety and who send me a message no one, only credit card bills, banks, clinics and all. Stay in touch with us. We will update here tonight.

Here all society members are going to attend the society meeting. Where president is saying to all that our neighbour flat number 403 woman, we have to think about that woman because she is coming to home very late, she is not a good lady. All people agree president but after that, Toshi stands up and says that we are no on who will decide for her. Why we are sending her from here.

After some time, Ruhi is coming there and then says that I am supporting you dadi. Ruhi is also giving a full speech. Thereafter, Aditya says to Ruhi that why were you saying this? Are you getting mad? Ruhi says what? I was saying right? Aditya says our Ishima is also in the same situation and that’s why we can’t saynything like this. Ruhi says

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th November 2016 Written:

Here Pihu gets up and Shagun serves a food to her. She says to Pihu that I already bring your favorite pasta and all. Pihu says no mumma, I don’t like this. I want to eat daal chawal. Shagun says no beta. Pihu says papa and school teachers told me to eat daal chawal because pasta and outside food is not good for the health.

Pihu says to Shagun to stop this. But Pihu is not ready to hear anything. Shagun says ok I will make food for you. Here Ishita is going to meet Mr. Vidyut. He gifts a diamond set to her and also prepared her passport for going to Australia. Ishita says I can’t do this. He forced her to come with him. At last, Ishita gets ready to go with Vidyut.

Here Aditya is going to the restaurant where Ishita and Vidyut were together. Actually, Ishita left that diamond set in the restaurant. But when Aditya goes there, restro manager gives that set to Adi and tells him that Ishita left this set her. Aditya gets shocked. He makes a call to Ishita. He asks Ishita where are you? Ishita says that she is going to the market and she was in the clinic from the morning.

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