Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2016 Written Episode 915 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 915, YHM 15 Sep 2016 on

The Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial continues with the scene in which Aditya is standing just in front of Mani. Actually, when Aditya, Ishita, and Raman are coming outside from the Police Station. Then, Adi decides to say sorry to Mani. But when he goes to say this, Mani gets angry and points a gun towards Aditya Bhalla. Raman and Ishita are getting shocked. Ishita runs towards them and trying hard to stop Mani. She says that Adi is innocent, please don’t do this. Ishita shouts badly. But Mani is getting out of control. He calls Ishita as Ishita Bhalla and says that he is your son. That’s why you are calling him innocent.

Here Police officers and other constable are coming there to control the situation. Ishita says to all to please control yourself. Don’t use your bullet. Leave your guns at the floor. He is my son and he never does this. Ishita is folding her hands in front of Mani. But Mani is not ready to understand this. Ishita is trying to stop him. Even Police officer is also trying to handle the situation. But Mani shoots finally. Ishita and Raman are getting shocked very badly. Guys, ACP Abhishek is coming in between and takes Mani’s gun.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2016 Written Update Episode 915:

He is saying to Mani that why are you killing him? If he will come out innocent then what will you do? All over Mani is getting ready to leave this matter and says to Police to take Aditya in their custody. Ishita and Raman are getting shocked. They are coming back to home. Raman is trying to hier a lawyer but nobody is ready to take Aditya’s case. Raman is getting panic. Ruhi gets disturbed after to see all this. Mihir is coming there and says to Raman that you don’t worry bhai. Ishita is also coming there and then says to Raman that Dr. Batra was saying that if Alia will recover fast then we will do something to save Aditya Bhalla.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th September 2016 Written:

Here Nidhi and Ashok are talking to each other about Bhalla family. Nidhi makes a call to Media and tells everything to them. Here Abhishek and all other Police constable are interrogating Aditya Bhalla. He tells everything to Abhishek. After some time, Mihir and Ruhi are coming to the police station with bail papers. ACP Abhishek gives a bail to Aditya and says to him that you will go out from Delhi till this case will not get to finish. Mihir says to Police that you don’t worry, we will co-operate you always.

When they are coming out. So many media people are coming there. They are asking a number of questions to them. Mihir and Ruhi are trying to handle them. But their words are hurting Aditya. Suddenly, Ishita and Raman are also coming there. All media people are coming there. Raman gets angry on them. Ishita handles him.

Here Ashok is coming there in the hospital. He is giving his statement to Media people in favour of woman empowerment. They are about to enter in Alia’s ward then Shagun and Mani stops them. Ashok says to Mani that my help is just a call away. So you will call me anytime when you will get help. He says to Shagun that if you will get Pihu’s custody then you have to go against Aditya Bhalla.

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