Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2016 Written Episode 977 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2016 Written Episode 977, written update on

The serial continues with the scene in which the Aditya is coming to his office where so many people are waiting for him because they need his signatures on some important files. But when he come, he denies for doing any signatures. He says that if you want my signatures urgently then you will take from Mihir sir.

He is coming into his cabin. He is thinking that, will he talk to Ishita about this necklace. He is getting tensed. Peon is coming there and then says to Aditya that here I am coming to put some important files. Aditya says ok. Suddenly, Alia is making a call to Adi and wishes Happy anniversary to him. Aditya asks which anniversary?

Alia says that last year, this day we got engaged. So that’s why I was sending a surprise to him. So that I want your cute selfie with all the gifts. Aditya gets bursts out on her very badly. He cuts the call by saying that I will talk to you later. Alia is feeling so bad. She thinks why was he doing a rude behavior with me?

Suddenly, she gets Mani’s call. He asks Alia why are you replying so off. Alia says no, I am ok. Mani says I feel that your mood is not good. Alia tells everything to Mani about Aditya’s rude behavior. Mani is trying to make her understand about the Adi’s bad behavior.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2016 written episode 977:

After some time, Mihir is coming there. He sits with Aditya and says that your cabin is full of flower fragrance. Yah I know Alia send these to you. She is so cute and sweet girl. Aditya gets silent.¬†Aditya is sitting so upset in his office. He is thinking that why Ishita was telling him a lie? Why was she behaving so odd? What is going on? He is getting so confused and tensed. Mihir is coming there. He asks Aditya what happened? He doesn’t reply anything and gets silent too. Mihir scolds him and says that why are you behaving like this.

Aditya says nothing mamu, I am thinking something. Mihir says that do you hear me? I am asking so many times that what happened? Aditya replies that my friend is so upset because his bua ji is thinking to move on? Mihir asks then what? Aditya says that her husband left her before some time and she is thinking so? Mihir says it’s ok. She has to think about her life that what’s the problem? Aditya says my friend is upset.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th November 2016 written:

Mihir says to Aditya that I got Mani’s phone call and came to know that you talked to Alia so rude. So you have to talk to Alia because she is doing so much for you. After that, you talked to her so rude. Why? Aditya says I was bust that time when she called me. So that’s why I scold her very badly.

Mihir says that you have to call her now. Aditya says that I will call her later. Mihir asks where is your phone? Aditya says that phone is in the¬†pocket. Mihir says now you have to talk to her first. Adi makes a call to her. She thinks that she will not take Adi’s call because he was behaving so rude.

After some time, Alia takes his call and asks yes, tell me what do you want to say? Aditya says that I am sorry for everything but I was busy that time. So that I was talking so rude. Alia says whatever, you will book a ticket for me because I wnat to come to India and spends so much time with you. Aditya says ok I will book tickets for you but now I am busy, let me do some work. Alia says ok.

In an evening, Ishita is coming back to home. She tells to all people that I am going to Singapore for some attending a conference and It’s urgent. All people are getting shocked very badly. Ruhii says that can I come with you? Ishita says no, I will handle everything at my own. You people stay here and handles everything.

Simmi says that you are sayng right Ishita. You just go and pack your bags. Toshi says that I am going to inform Madhu about this trip, if she want to give something to Ishita then she will. Ruhi says I am going to maka shopping list which I want from Singapore. Aditya feels something odd. BUt then he is going into his room. Here Ishita is talking to Vidyut and doing some flirt. She is looking so happy. She says that I will go to Singapore and thne 3 hours hault. Thereafter I will take a flight for Australia.

Her Aditya is talking to Alia and says that I am going to book tickets for you. Alia asks will you come to pick up me from an airport. Aditya says that ofcourse darling, I love you. Let me book your tickets. Alia says ok. Aditya sees a folder of Ishita boarding pass. He comes to know that she is going to Australia via Singapore. He gets shocked by thinking that why Ishita was telling a lie. Aditya says to Ruhi that Ishita was dated Vidyut sahay.

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