Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2016 Written Episode 917 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2016 Written Update, Written Episode 917, YHM 17 Sep 2016 on

The Upcoming Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial continues with the scene in which Shagun and Judge mam are coming to Bhalla house. Judge says to Pihu that you don’t worry, I will give your mother to you. She also scolds Raman by saying that you never scold any child like this. Judge gives a hearing date to Raman and Ishita. Judge mam says to Pihu that you will face any issue in this home then you will make me a contact here on this contact number. After this, she goes from there. Shagun says to Pihu that you don’t worry, you just pack your bags and I will come tomorrow to take you from here.

After this, Shagun goes from there and give this news to Media. Here Toshi Bhalla is crying a lot for Pihu. Raman says that you don’t worry Maa, we will not make her to go anywhere. Raman says that I am getting so nervous. Ishita says that you don’t worry, Shagun will never do this. Raman says her family will support her. Ishita says you don’t worry, I will talk to Mani and he will never support Shagun. Even I will talk to you. Raman says ok and then tells her to talk with Mani as soon as possible.

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Shagun is talking to Mani about Ishita. Actually, she is trying to provoke Mani against Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi. She says to Mani that Ishita is trying to convince Alia for not taking Aditya’s name in front of the police. Mani says no it’s not possible. Shagun says yes I heard all this from my ears. All over she is trying to make Alia ready for giving a statement in favor of Aditya Bhalla. Suddenly, Ishita comes there and says to  Mani that she didn’t talk to Alia about Aditya and all. I am just going there to meet her.

After some time, Shagun says to Ishita that you don’t worry, I will take Pihu’s custody at any cost. Ishita says that Mani is my childhood friend and he will never support you. Even you never understand my and Mani’s bonding. Shagun says that you have to stop your lecture. Shagun is trying to create a drama in front of Mani. Ishita says to Mani that Shagun is doing drama and nothing else.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th September 2016 Written Update Episode 917:

Inspector is coming to Mani’s home. Shagun says to Inspector that you are coming on the right time because Ishita came here to influence Alia just to give her statement in favor of Aditya Bhalla. Ishita says that I am not coming here for doing this. Mani says to Ishita that you don’t worry, we will handle this case. Even don’t you try to change this case. Suddenly, Aditya makes a call to Alia. She pick ups the call and on the other side Mani is also hearing the same. Mani puts the phone on speaker.

He is saying to Ishita that you and your son are trying to make my daughter emotionally torcher. Mani cuts the call. Here Adtya thinks that Alia cuts the call. He feels very bad. Mani scolds Alia and asks what are you doing all this. Alia asks what? Mani says why are you talking to him. He is a culprit. Ishita shouts on Mani and says that he is my son. He never do this. I know he is not a culprit.

Raman and Ishita are talking with each other about Mani. Ishita says to Raman that she believes on Mani and he will not take a side of wrong thing. Then Pihu, Ruhi, Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla comes there. Ruhi says to Pihu that sit here and she comes soon. Ishita says that she hate me but Ruhi says she don’t know about you but after few days she will believe you. Ishita says to Ruhi that what will happen when Pihu knows about the reality of Shagun.

Mani is coming in the sense and says to Ishita that, look Ishu, we are a good friend but it doesn’t mean that you cross your limit. So please control your limits. I am behaving like this because I am worried for Alia a lot and that’s why I am getting angry very fastly from last some time. So that, I can only think of her and nothing else. Ishita is trying to handle Mani by giving her emotional statements and story.

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