Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the Ruhi says to Ishita that please leave me alone. Apart from this, I have to go to meet Sohail at any cost. Even though I want to meet him once, I am feeling so guilty and wants to say sorry to him. Ishita says if your father will come to know about this, then he will be getting angry. All over, Ruhi makes her ready to send Ruhi to meet Sohail. She sends Alia with Ruhi.

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They are coming at Sohail’s home. Here a girl is sitting with Sohail who is kissing at Sohail’s forehead and takes care of her. Ruhi sees everything and get shocked. Suddenly, her key is falling down. Ruhi takes that key and says I am sorry and I have to go now. Sohail asks what is this Ruhi? Why are you going without to meet me? Why? Ruhi is going into the hall room where Alia is already present. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th December 2016 written update.

So that Sohail and that girl are coming there. She says that let me introduce myself, I am Sohail’s cousin sister and I am coming here when I come to know about the bad condition of Sohail. Actually, he is living her alone. So that I got worried about him. But now I am feeling good to see you people by thinking that someone is here who takes care of Sohail apart from me. Ruhi smiles and says thanks to her. She says sorry to Sohail too. Sohail says it’s ok Ruhi and don’t get tensed to think about me, I am alright.

Ruhi is coming back to the home whereas Ishita is coming to talk to her about the matter. She asks Ruhi about Sohail. She asks him what happened? What is going on? How is Sohail? Ruhi is looking so happy and she says to Ishita that I am happy after to see Sohail happy and alright by his health. Ishita asks what happened? Ruhi says that he is ok and I only want to see him alright. After all, he is my best friend yet. So that I am getting worried for him.

Ishita says to Ruhi to please consider me as your friend. So that you can share anything with me. Ruhi says I know you are my daughter but I am considering you as my friend first. Ruhi says that I know Ishima that you are my friend. Ishita asks Ruhi what are you feeling for Sohail. Ruhi says that he is alone in Delhi and he is handling his business alone.

So that I think to help him out from all the problems. We are only good friend and try to help each other only in the trouble situation. But when papa did all that with Sohail then I was feeling so bad to see that. Actually, Sohail is so innocent boy who is just behaving with me as my friend. So that I am behaving as a good friend. All over I trust him and he trusted me.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2016 Written Episode:

Ishita says her to eat halwa because so many people are waiting to eat this halwa. Ruhi eats that halwa and becomes so happy. Ishita says that you are my best friend and I will share everything with you.  Ishita says ok beta I trust you. Ishita says her to take rest and then sleep down for some time to become relax. Ishita is going from there. Ruhi says that I am feeling so special with him and I have so many feelings for him. Even I don’t know about these feelings. But all over I love to spend time with him. A song plays on,’Pehla Nasha Pehla Khumar’ and so on.

Here Simmi is talking with someone on the phone to think about the clients. Suddenly, she sees Ananya is talking to someone. She gets angry by thinking that I told Ananya not to talk to any strangers and with whom she is talking now. She is going there and gets Gaurav there. She says Gaurav are you here? He says hi Simmi, actually, I was talking to Ananya because I got her on the road. She was going there to catch the ball. Ananya says that yes mumma, this uncle saves me on the road. Simmi says why were you going there. Ananya says that I won’t go anywhere next time mumma, I am sorry. Simmi says thankyou to Gaurav. He says it’s ok, now Ananya is also a common part of our meeting. She smiles.

Here Ishita asks Neelu that you gave tea to Simmi di or not? She says yes I gavce her a tea. Raman is coming there and asks where are all people? Ishita asks whom? For whom you are asking? I think you are talking about Mumma, she is going outside to meet someone. Apart from this, papa ji is going in the society meeting. Here she starts her new work and she is just concentrating in her work. Raman says really? Ishita says yes Simmi is doing her work. She says that I know you are talking about Ruhi?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2016 Written Episode:

Raman says that I brought ice-cream for all people. But I am asking for Pihu because ice-cream is Pihu’s favorite and that’s why I bring ice-cream here. Ruhi is coming there by saying that where is my magazine? Raman looks at her. Ruhi is also going inside after to see Raman there. Ishita thinks that I will do something to bring them close to each other. Ishita says that you brought litchi ice-cream and Pihu’s favorite is only sita fal ice-cream. Then, I think litchi is Ruhi’s favorite. Raman says that maybe shopkeeper packed a wrong ice-cream in my bag. Let me to go to change this ice-cream. Ishita says no and please stop this drama in front of me Raman.

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