Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016 Written Episode 962 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016 2016 Written Episode 962, Written Update on

The serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  starts with the scene when all the family members of Bhalla family and Iyer Family. Aditya and Alia are finding out all Raman and Ishita there. Bala laughs after to see them. Raman aka Karan Patel says that what happened? Why are you laughing? Bala says we will not leave you so easily, it’s your turn. Ishita gets little shocked and asks what is going on? Bala says it’s a surprise.

Actually, all the family members are arranging a good grah pravesh for Ishita and Raman aka Karan Patel. So that, Ishita and Raman are getting happy to see all arrangements. Alia’s Patty, Aditya, Alia, Bala, Vandu, and Mrs. Iyyer welcomes Ishita and Raman inside the home just like a newly wedding couple. Ishita is feeling so shy and Raman asks what happened? Ishita says what is this? We are not a new couple.

After some time, Raman is going inside the room. But Bala stops him by saying that why are you in so hurry? Raman says nothing I just want to take some rest. Bala says whatever, you just stop here because we have planned something else to you. Raman says really. All people are going inside to leave Raman and Ishita inside their room.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016 2016 Written Episode 962:

They are getting so much happy to see the room decoration but they are excited too. Mrs. Iyer is giving a milk glass to Ishita for Raman aka Karan Patel. After this, Mrs. Iyer says to Raman to get up early for an oil bath ceremony because it’s your first Diwali after marriage. So you will be there soon. Raman gets irritated but he says ok to her. After this, all people are going outside.

Ishita says sorry to Raman that I am going to sleep because I am too much tired. Raman says that no no, all children were doing a lot of efforts but it’s our duty to utilize this decoration. Ishita smiles. In the next day morning, Mrs. Iyyer, Ruhi, and Simmi wakes up and making a rangoli. They also prepares for an oil bath ceremony. After some time, Ruhi goes to call Ishima and Raman for this ceremony.

Ishita wakes and says to her that we are coming out soon. Ruhi says ok. After some time, Simmi and Ruhi are applying an oil on Aditya’s body. Even they are teasing him too by saying that next year Alia will apply this. Aditya gets irritated. Here Mihika is applying an oil on Romi’s body. Mrs. Iyyer is making a video because she will send this video to Toshi.

Here Kunal is going outside from the function and going to sit into Ashok’s car. They start to discuss their plan which they are playing with Mihika, Mihir, and all Bhalla family. Stay tuned with us for more updates. After some time. Mihika is talking to Romi and makes him ready to buy a new phone with a new simcard. Romi gets ready.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016 2016 Written:

Mihika thinks to tell everything to Romi but then she gets scared to imagine his reaction on this. She changes her idea. After some time, Mr. Bhalla is coming back to home with a pooja items. He is talking to Toshi Bhalla about this and he informs her about the Diwali preparations. Ruhi comes there and she takes the phone. She says to Toshi Bhall that we are missing you so much and all.

Here Ishita and Mihika are making halwa and all in the kitchen for an office pooja. Mihika asks Ishita Is there any more suji? Ishita says Simmi is going to bring more dry fruits and Suji. Suddenly, Simmi comes there and brings all items. Even she gives one gift to Mihika by saying that Romi send this for you. Mihika opens it and comes to know about a new phone. She gets so happy.

Simmi says to Mihika that I am going to get ready for an office pooja. She feels so relaxing. Ishita says you may go to your room and I will come there with new earings. After some time, Ishita goes to her room. Mihika’s new phone rings up. Ishita takes that call and hears blackmailer’s new phone call. She scolds him very badly. Blackmailer says to Mihika that I  think you are not stupid because you already leaked my reality to all.

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