Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2016 Written Episode 951 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2016 Written Episode, YHM Episode 951 Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene when Raman and Ishita are talking to each other about Aditya and Aliya’s love. Ishita says to Aditya that I am feeling so bad because my mistakes is now turning like this. My mistake’s punishment is now given to my two very loving children Aditya and Aditya. Raman says that you don’t worry, I will everything alright very soon. Ishita asks what will you do Raman? Alia’s patty will not hear us.

Raman replies to her that you don’t worry, I will talk to her and makes her ready for this marriage. Even I will ask her that how to resolve this thing. If she will not ready then I will fall down in her feets just to make her ready. Ishita says really Raman, you will make her ready. Ishita gets so happy to hear this. Must see-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th October 2016 Written Episode

In the next day morning, Ishita, Raman, Romi, Simmi, and Mr. Omprakash Bhalla are sitting in a hall room. Mr. Bhalla says to all that please control yourself because Aditya is coming soon here and he will feel something odd here in between us. Mr. Bhalla added that I know it’s too difficult but we have to do this at any cost. Suddenly, Aditya is coming there and wishes a good morning to all.

Ishita and Raman are smiling a lot. The welcomes Aditya there. Romi says to Adi to sit with her. Aditya sits with him and looks very handsome. Romi gives complement to him. He says to Simmi that please make aaloo paratha for me because I want to eat these paratha’s as soon as possible. Simmi smiles and says that I will make it. After this, Romi says to Ishita to make something else for Aditya.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2016 Written Update Episode 951:

Ishita says to him that don’t worry, let me make physum for you. She is going inside and starts to prepare physum for him. Mr. Bhalla is coming there and says to Ishita to please control yourself. Ishita says ok. Here Aditya thinks that I am showing this happiness only for family members but I know very well that what I want to do.

Here Shagun asks Alia that shall we go for the shopping because a lot of diwali sales are flashing out. Alia says no. After this, she asks shall we go to Delhi Haat for Diya shopping. Alia says no. After this, Patty is coming there and she says to Mani to please gives a print out my railway ticket. Mani gets shocked. He asks where are you going now? Patty says that I am back to my village. Alia says you are suffered by fever then how are you going now?

She says I am going from here. After this, Alia is going inside and gets Adi’s call. He says to her to do something. Alia gets ready to do as Aditya said. Here Raman and Ishita are sitting in an office. Romi comes there to take some signatures from Raman on Ministery files. Ishita gets hyper and says that why are you bringing these files at last moment. Now I want to go to Mani’s home to talk with Patty.

Raman says to Romi that why are you bringing these Aditya’s project file here. Romi replies to him that Aditya is going with Romi to meet with Calcutta clients. Raman says ok. After this, Raman and Ishita are going to Mani’s home where they are worried for Alia. They come to know that Alia is not at home. Romi comes there and tells that Aditya is not with him.

All people are getting shocked to hear after this. They think that Aditya and Alia get to elope. Patty gets upset and starts to provoke Mani against Bhalla family. Even she orders Mani to make a complaint against Aditya in the Police station that he kidnapped out daughter. Ishita says that how dare you to say all this about my son. He never do this. Even though, Alia doesn’t do all of this, why are you people saying all this.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21st October 2016 Written Episode:

Here Pihu is sitting alone in the school. Ananya is coming there and asks Pihu what are you doing here? Why are you sitting here alone? Please come with me and lets we do play together. But Pihu says to Ananya that she don’t want to play. Ananya sees her burn spot and she asks her what happened? Pihu tells everything to her and takes promise to her that she will not say anything to anyone about this. Ananya says ok.

After some time, Toshi is coming there and brings a sandwich tiffin for her. Pihu takes that tiffin and starts to eat. But she is not behaving good with Toshi. She shouts at her and runs away from there. Toshi Bhalla is getting shocked and starts to cry a lot. Madhu Iyyer is coming there and asks her? Toshi tells everything to her. Ananya hears their conversation. She thinks that she can’t tell anything to anyone because she made a promise to Pihu.

Here Romi informs Simmi about all this. She gets tensed. They make a plan and decides to spy Shagun and Ashok. Romi is going to check out Ashok. Here Simmi is going to check out Shagun. Here Ishita, Raman, and Mani are making a phone call to some peope just to confirm about Aditya and Aliya. Dadi gets shocked and threatens them.

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