Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which all Bhalla family is doing a lot of preparations for Rakhi festival. Ruhi aka Aditi Bhatia and Pihu aka Ruhanika Dhawan are getting so excited to celebrate this festival together. So that, they are preparing a lot for this occasion. After some time, Ishita calls all her professors at Bhalla house, especially those who were sitting with Raman in her MBA college. So that Ishita thinks to call all those ladies at her home on the occasion of Rakhi. So that, all ladies tie a Rakhi on Raman’s hand. Ishita comes to call Raman outside. Ishita calls him handsome. Raman gets into a doubt that whenever Ishita calls him a handsome then definitely there would be some problem. Raman goes outside and gets all ladies there. Raman behaves so odd, even though all ladies are trying to avoid to tie a rakhi on Raman’s hand which is really a shocking thing to watch out for Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi. To see all this, Mrs. Bhalla stops those ladies also. Ishita looks on. Toshi and Simmi are also supporting Ishita in this. All those ladies are tieing¬†Rakhi on Raman’s hand. After some time, all ladies have gone from there. Toshi says to Ishita that, see Raman’s face, he is looking so funny. Ishita is pulling Raman’s leg. Raman is getting irritated. Ishita smiles.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Written Episode

Simmi comes there and says to Raman that, you may go and bring Aditya here because he is not ready to come outside. Raman goes inside and asks Aditya why are you not coming outside. Aditya says, papa Ruhi invited Alia for the Rakhi festival. If Alia will also tie Rakhi on my hand then I will die. He gets so tensed. Raman says to him that you don’t worry, please come outside I will handle everything if Alia will come there. Aditya is getting ready to come outside. Here Mr. Bhalla is also coming to home with Ruhi and Pihu. Simmi says that, see mumma, how Ruhi and Pihu are looking so beautiful. Toshi Bhalla also appreciated Ruhi and Pihu. Raman, Ishita, and Aditya are also coming there. Aditya sits there. Ruhi and Pihu are celebrating Rakhi festival with Rakhi. Aditya gives gifts to them. They both are becoming so happy. Here Shagun is wearing blue saree and she is looking so beautiful. She is preparing thali for Rakhi festival. Alia comes there. She asks Shagun what are you doing? Shagun says I am waiting for Mihir. Alia gets shy. Shagun thinks that happened? Why Alia is getting lighten up after to hear about Mihir. Suddenly, door bell rings. Alia opens the door. Mihir is coming inside and celebrates Rakhi with Shagun. But are looking so cute with each other. Alia is feeling so good. Shagun asks are you going to Bhalla house for the Rakhi? Mihir says yes. She says Alia is going with you because she is also going there, Ruhi invited her for the Rakhi festival. Mihir says ok. Alia gets so happy. Shagun thinks that I will take advantage of this thing if Alia will like Mihir. Here Sanchi is coming to Bhalla house to meet Ishita. She introduces herself as Ishita’s management lecturer. Toshi and Simmi welcome¬†her. Here Romi is calling her again and again. She cuts the call. Romi gets angry and thinks that why she is doing this. Suddenly, Romi comes out. Simmi introduces Sanchi to Romi. He gets shocked. Mihika also comes there.

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