Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2016 Written Episode 984 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2016 Written Episode 984, Written Update on

The Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein continues with the scene in which Raman is calling Vidyut but he is not taking Raman’s call because he is dating Shagun that time. Raman is trying to inform Vidyut that Shagun is his ex-wife. But here Vidyut is not giving any reply. Next day Raman and Ishita are coming to meet each other near the sea. Raman and Ishita are sharing romantic moments with each other.

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Shagun is coming there and gets shocked to see Ishita and Raman together there. She is not believing on her eyes. But she gets angry to see them together. Here Ishita is about to hug Raman but before that she see Shagun there. Raman asks what? Ishita replies that Shagun is here. Raman changes his statements and says to Ishita that why don’t you give me a divorce? Let see what will happen next. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd November 2016 written update

He is getting angry and says to Ishita that I will send you divorce papers in your hotel and will get your signatures as soon as possible. Ishita says that I am coming here for my Dental conference and I get you here, Even I will wait for the divorce papers because you left me there alone only for Pihu. He says yes I did that only for my daughter  but I am living at a distance from my own family.

Ishita is going from there. Raman takes a backside and gets Shagun there. He asks Shagun? You? She says yes me, but what are you doing here? He says I am coming here with my daughter Pihu just to show the dolphins to her but now we are going for the dinner. Shagun says whatever, but what are she doing here? Raman says I am going to from here but Ishita is coming in between and I had a fight with her. So that, I told her for the divorce.

Shagun says that I never believe that you will give divorce to her because she came back from Australia after 7 years and you accepted her instantly. Shagun says oh let me go from here.  Here Simmi is waiting for ajnabee Chandu. Suddenly, a boy is coming there in a yellow dress and then she thinks, he is an ajnabee Chandu. She starts to do fight with him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2016 Written Episode 984:

Here Raman, Shagun, and Alia are coming outside where Pihu says that I am getting so excited for today’s dinner. Shagun says no, you people will go for the dinner. Pihu says no, you will make pasta for me and we are going to my home whereas you will prepare a pasta. Shagun says no I am not in a mood to cook. Apart from this, I don’t have any ingredients at home. Raman says that we will go to bring ingredients first and then prepares pasta. Shagun gets angry and thinks that if Vidyut will call me then what will I do?

Here Shravan, Ananya, and Alia are coming there and tells everything to Simmi. Simmi is getting angry and scolds them very badly. Ananya says that I always see you happy even when you are getting ready then I feel so good to see you. Simmi hugs her and says that I am alright beta, if you are with me then I am getting so shocked.

Here Vidyut and Ishita are roaming outside. They are talking to each other and Vidyut comes to know everything about Shagun, Ruhi, Pihu, and Raman’s story. He gets confused and says to Ishita that Raman is calling us at central mall within half an hour. Ishita says you don’t worry, I will tell you the complete story.

Here Toshi and Madhu are talking to each other. Toshi says that I pray to god that Ishita and Raman meet each other in Australia. After some time, Madhu says to Toshi that I am going to meet pandit ji because I want to know about Alia and her future.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd November 2016 Written:

Here Shagun, Pihu, and Ishita are meeting each other at the same shop at Central Market. Ishita is doing shopping at the same shop. Shagun says to Ishita that why are you following me here? I am coming here only for my work. Shagun says that I know very well that why are you coming here. Raman and you are doing a full drama in front me but I know very well.

After that, Raman and Ishita are getting in controversy again. Ishita is going from there. She doesn’t pay any bill. But when Shagun and Raman are paying their bill. Then, the Shopkeeper is giving Ishita’s bill to Shagun. She is getting shocked and says that I don’t know that woman then why I pay a bill for her.

Shopkeeper calls a Police there and Ishita is getting in controversy there. Shagun is getting so happy to see this. Raman says to Shagun that I am going from here because I don’t want to see any drama here. After some time, Shagun is also going from there.

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