Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written Episode 985 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written Episode 985, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Cops are coming there to catch Ishita in the Central Market where she took something and didn’t make payment there. So that the Shopkeeper called Cops there to arrest Ishita. Raman and Shagun are also present there. But Raman is going from there to leave Ishita with Cops. Shagun feels good to see this Even she is also going from there. Ishita shouts but nobody is coming there to save Soumya.

After some time, Vidyut is coming there and makes everything alright. After this, Ishita, Vidyut, and all other cops are taking their selfies together. Actually, this is just a plan for Shagun just to show that there is not connection amid Ishita and Raman. So that’s why they are creating such scene.

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After some time, Shagun, Raman, and Pihu are about to reach home. But Raman says to Shagun that we are not going back to the home because my mood is getting down. So we will be going outside for the lunch. Shagun says ok. They are coming at the famous place for Italian food. Here Ishita and Vidyut are laughing together. Vidyut says to Ishita that you are such a good actor and you were doing a good acting that time.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written Episode 985:

Ishita says that yes we are good actors in Bhalla family. Vidyut says that I like your spirit to re-unite your family. Pihu says to Shagun that I have to prepare my pasta according to mine, shall I go? Shagun says yes dear why not? Pihu gets so happy and goes from there. Shagun asks Raman that are you getting serious in giving a divorce from her. Raman says yes dear, I am so serious because she separated me from my family and my children.

She is such a cheap lady and that’s why I want to give a divorce to her. Suddenly, Ruhi is coming there and hears Raman-Shagun conversation. She gets shocked and asks Raman who dare you to say all this about Ishima. I know she is coming her to meet someone else but it doesn’t mean that she forget you. You leave Ishima alone in India, she didn’t leave you. Raman feels so bad by thinking that Ruhi misunderstood and that’s why she is getting worried.

After this, Ruhi is going from here. Raman gets tensed and he is going behind her. Shagun stops him and says him to stop and let Ruhi go from here. She is young and also have a sense to handle herself. Shagun asks Raman that Ishita is trying to move on? Really? Raman says yes, but I don’t want to talk about her. But Ruhi is my daughter and I have to look after her.

Her Aditya and Alia are coming in the restaurant. Aditya is trying to make Alia happy because she is upset. She is having a complain that Aditya is not giving a much time to Alia and he is always busy in his work. He says to Alia that he will all time to her only and not take any more calls. Alia smiles. Adi is about to switch off his phone but suddenly he gets Ruhi’s call and asks Alia to take Ruhi’s call for a while. Alia says ok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th November 2016 Written:

Ruhi cries a lot and then says to Adi that everything is over. Aditya gets tensed and then runs away from there. That time, the food is falling down on Alia’s dress and he doesn’t know about this. He goes outside and starts to talk to Ruhi by forgetting Alia. After some time, when he is going inside then he comes to know that she went her home. Waiter tells everything to Aditya. He gets shocked and decides to talk to Alia tomorrow. Here Alia is getting so angry. Next day, Adi is coming to say sorry to Alia and also tells her about his mission.

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