Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Episode 954 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Episode, YHM Episode 954 Written Update on

The serial starts with the scene Ishita says to Raman to come with here to do shopping. Raman replies to her that I am very busy today. So that I will not come with you. Ishita forces him to come with her. Raman says no. Ishita is trying to make him ready. Raman says that I have one condition if you will fulfill that, then I will come with you. Ishita asks what? Raman is getting romantic and starts to go near to Ishita. Ruhi comes there.Ruhi shouts that, she doesn’t see anything. Raman says to her that you are coming here without knocking the door. Ruhi says

Mihir and Mihika are sitting in a coffee shop where they are talking to each other about Pihu’s custody. Mihika tells to Mihir about the new lawyer who is perfect in taking children custody. Mihir says that why? Shagun takes care of her very well. Mihika says that she is not taking care of her, her upbringing method is very wrong. So that’s why I want Pihu’s custody. Mihir says that you don’t worry, I will talk to him Mihika says that you please keep this thing in between us.

Ruhi says door is already open. Raman and Ishita smiles. After this, Ruhi tells to Ishita that Alia called me so many times. Ishita says ok I am going there. Here Raman is doing shopping and choose the beautiful saree for Ishita. Raman says that, this marriage is such a .Shagun comes there and asks whose marriage Raman. He gets shocked and stars to make an excuse. Must see-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2016 Written Episode

Raman says that yes I am coming here to purchase a saree for Alia. Actually, I am so much excited for Aditya’s marriage. Suddenly, Aditya come there and asks Raman, had he purchased saree for the marriage? Actually, he didn’t see Shagun before. Shagun gets shocked again. She asks Aditya whose marriage? Aditya says that mumma, I am coming here only to purchase saree for Alia. Shagun says ok.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Update Episode 953:

Here Mihika calls Mihir and informs him that Lawyer is busy for next 3 months, then what will we do? Actually, I want to give this gift to Akka and Jeeju on their marriage. Mihir says that it’s ok dear, I will talk to him. Suddenly, Romi comes there and then starts to do romance with Mihika. But she is not taking an interest. Suddenly, she gets a call and goes from there. Romi thinks why is she behaving like this?

Here Patty is getting ready for the Chennai. Suddenly, Shagun comes there and asks why you called me in so hurry? Patty says her to pack her bags for the Chennai. Shagun asks why? Patty says that it’s Alia’s engagement and I have to do shopping from there. Even Alia’s mother jewelry is also there. So we have to bring them from there. It’s my grand daughter’s engagement. So we will come back before engagement. Mani and Alia also forces her to go.

Shagun is going with Patty to Chennai. Alia is coming to Bhalla house with Pihu. Romi stand outside and he is getting so happy to see Pihu there. Mrs. Iyyer, Ruhi, Simmi, and all other people are looking so happy to see Pihu there. They decides that Pihu will attend all the functions but on the wedding time, we will take Pihu somewhere else. Suddenly, Pihu comes there. She asks what happened? Ruhi makes an excuse and says to her that we are preparing dance for the sangeet of Alia and Aditya bhaiya.

After some time, Raman and Ishita are coming there. They are getting so happy to see Pihu there. All people start to enjoy dance there. Alia informs everyone that Patty takes Shagun to Chennai for sometime. All people are getting so happy. After some time, Ruhi asks Mihika that shall we go to apply mehendi? Mihika makes an excuse and goes from there. Here Romi is looking after all the arrangements.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2016 Written Update:

Here Mihika and Mihir are coming to meet Kunal Shetty. But when they reach to the club to meet Kunal. They see Ashok with him. They are getting shocked to see them together. Here Ruhi and all other girls are getting ready for the mehendi function. Ruhi is wearing a blue suit. Amma is sitting near to Ishita and gets so much emotional to see Ishita in a pink saree. Ishita says that I am already married Amma from last eight years, then why are you getting emotional now.

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