Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Aditya is coming to talk to Romi and says that I have one idea through which we will easily attend Shagun’s function. Romi says wow, you are doing homework today. It’s nice. Aditya says him to take his matter seriously. Aditya says that I have an idea and that is, we will go there by changing our looks because they need two south Indian boys for the work. Romi says ok.

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Here Gulabo is coming to Mani’s home where Ishita appreciates her by saying that you are looking very beautiful. Gulabo is having a fruit basket in her hand. Ishita asks where are the fruits? Suddenly, Ishita sees fruit basket in Raman’s hand. She laughs and says that you are bringing a lot of fruits. Gulabo replies that we are punjabi’s and that’s why I brought so many fruits. Ishita laughs.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Aditya and Romi are reaching there at Mani’s home by changing their get up. They are looking fully south Indian. Romi is getting irritating very badly because of his wig. Aditya says that you have to become comfortable in this look and enjoy the moment. Gulabo and Disha (Nidhi) are getting into controversy with each other only for some work. Mani comes there and says that I told Disha to do this work. Gulabo says ok.

After some time, Gulabo is coming in Ishita’s room where he sees Ishita in the same saree in which he gifted to her yesterday. Ishita says him to help her in wearing saree. Gulabo helps him in wearing a saree. He romances Ishita during the work. Raman is also applying flowers in Ishita’s hairs. Ruhi comes there and says to Ishita to come outside for the pooja.

Ishita says ok and then goes outside from there. Raman calls Ruhi inside and then applies flowers on her hairs too. Ruhi is getting so happy to see this. She says thanks to Gulabo and appreciating him very nicely. Gulabo smiles and then goes out. Here Disha is threatening Mani in between the function ceremonies. Here Aditya is coming inside and catches Alia in his arms.

He says to her to give a kiss to me. Alia is feeling shy and says him to go out from here. But Aditya is not ready to deal with this matter. Alia is requesting him to go out. Here Divya is coming and Ishita welcomes her. Later Ishita says to Divya that I heard you are doing a good dance, so please show your performances to us. Divya says how, shall I perform alone? Ishita says no, Ruhi will give a company to you or Alia will do a dance with you.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Ishita calls Ruhi for the dance. Ruhi denies and says that I don’t know how to dance. Ishita says her to do anything but just give company to Divya now. Ruhi feels shy and says no., Later Ishita calls Alia for the dance. Here Alia gets scared and says to Aditya to go outside from here right now. Otherwise, someone will see you. Aditya says no. Alia says yes. Alia and Divya are dancing together on the song,”Sajna Ji Waari Waari Jau Ji Main.” All people are doing a clapping for them and then appreciates their dance. Alia is looking very beautiful in a blue saree. Toshi Bhalla is saying to Ishita that you are looking very beautiful in this saree. Ishita says what are you saying this? You have gifted this saree to me. Toshi says no when I gifted this saree to you? Ishita says tomorrow you saw me that I like this saree and then you gifted this saree to me. Toshi says no. Gulabo sees this and thinks how to resolve this matter? Gulabo comes there and asks Ishita for the dance. Gulabo says to Ishita that I want to do dance with you only. Ishita feels shy but she starts to do dance with Gulabo.

Shagun’s baby shower function is going on. Alia and Divya are dancing there. Pandit ji says that we need 7 fruits in the pooja but here are only six. Where is the 7th one? Ishita says don’t worry, I will bring one more fruit. Maybe any children took a fruit from here. Nidhi comes there and says that Gulabo takes one orange from here.

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