Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2016 Written Episode 986 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2016 Written Episode 986, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which Vidyut, Raman, and Ishita are meeting somewhere. They are talking to each other about the Shagun and Pihu. Raman says to him to trap Shagun in a love affair and this thing will help them in getting Pihu’s custody forever. Vidyut says that I am ready for this. Ishita and Raman are getting so happy. He says that tomorrow I am going for the ad shoot.

Next day, Vidyut is going for the ad shoot. He is looking so cool and happy. Suddenly, Ruhi is coming there and starts to scolds him very badly that, you have to stop dating my Ishima because she is so innocent and not your casino type girl. Raman and Ishita are coming there. They are getting shocked.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2016 Written Episode 985:

Ishita says that I am getting shocked to see this avatar of Ruhi. Raman says why not? After all, Ruhi loves you a lot and never want to share her love with anyone. Ishita says that we have to stop Ruhi now. Raman says ok let we reveal everything in front of her. Here Ruhi is making some bad comment on Vidyut. But he is standing silent and not giving any reply.

Ruhi says him to say something. Vidyut says no comments. Ruhi says what do you mean? No comment. You have to say something to me and gives me an answer for this. After this, Ruhi is going from there. Ishita and Raman are coming to talk to Vidyut and smiles on his condition.

Vidyut says that firstly you people are indulging me into this situation and now you people are pulling my leg. Raman says that I am sorry yar. Vidyut says it’s ok dear, please don’t say all this. I am going from there to meet Shagun as soon as possible because she is waiting for me. Raman says ok.

Here a delivery boy is coming there and delivers rose flowers to Simmi. She asked who send these flowers. Delivery boy said that a small girl was sending these flowers. Simmi is getting happy to think that Ananya sends these flowers. She feels so special and takes those flowers. She is going inside and starts to make Halwa. Toshi thinks what is going on?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th November 2016 Written:

After some time, Simmi tells everything to Toshi about flowers. Toshi is also getting so happy. Here Shagun is making a call to Raman and makes an excuse that she is going to meet my friend because her health is not good. Raman says ok and says her that I will pick Pihu and you may go now.

Shgaun gets so happy and going with Vidyut when he is coming to pick up Shagun aka Anita Hassanandni. She is looking so hot in a maroon saree. Vidyut hugs her and makes her to sit in the car. They both are looking so happy together. Shagun feels so special during to spend time with Vidyut. Here  Raman makes a call to Ruhi and starts to talk to her.

Ruhi says that if you want to talk to me about Ishima and all. Then, I don’t want to talk with you. Raman says no, I want to talk about Pihu. Ruhi asks what? Raman says that I am going with Pihu outside, so she told me to call you there. Ruhi says ok I am coming there. Raman gets happy and informs Ishita about this. She says that I am feeling positive now. Here a delivery boy is coming to deliver a chocolate. Simmi thinks, Ananya send these too. She gets so happy.

Here Shagun and Vidyut are reaching their destination. Shagun says this place is awesome. Vidyut starts to do flirt with Shagun. She feels shy and goes from there. They are going to take some wine because Shagun likes it. Some goons are coming there. Vidyut starts to do fight with them and says that I love her. Shagun gets so happy.

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