Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the Ishita is coming to meet Ruhi whereas she is trying to make Ruhi ready to watch out the video. Ruhi is crying a lot and says that why all this happened to me? I just want to run away from here now. Ishita says to her that you have to help us to find out the man who is doing all this with you. Ruhi is crying a lot and after some time, she gets ready to watch the video. She starts to watch the video but she close it suddenly by saying that I can’t watch it out. Ishita says you just relax and have some water. But you have to watch out this video because without this video we will unable to punish that man. Ruhi is crying a lot. Ishita says that you didn’t do wrong anything then we have to punish that man but we will find out him only when you will recognize the place where this video was shooting down. Ruhi starts to watch this video and then come to know everything.

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Raman is waiting for Ishita because she is going to talk to Ruhi about the MMS video. Actually, Raman told to Ishita to make Ruhi ready to watch out the video and then tell me where this video was getting shoot down. Ishita is coming back after some time and then says to Raman that she comes to know where this video was getting shoot.

Raman asks where? Ishita says Ruhi told me that she was going at Shagun’s apartment in Adelaide, Australia which was taken by Mani on rest for some days. One day Ruhi was going there and her clothes were getting dirty. So that she changed her clothes there. Raman says all this happened in Shagun’s apartment. What is this? But whatever now the blackmailer is present in Delhi and we have to find out him at any cost. Ishita says ok. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2016 written update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2016 Written Episode:

Raman says that I will talk to the commissioner and then finds out that man. Here Alia is coming at Bhalla house where she met Aditya suddenly. She says that I am coming here to meet Dadi. Aditya says that oh really, you came to know this. Alia says yes, here are some people who were informing me just after anything happened in this home. Aditya says really, you didn’t give me the chance to say anything. Alia says let me go to meet dadaji. Aditya says listen you won’t go there because your big mouth will say something in front of dadu and then create a big issue again. Alia says really. Am I mad? They are getting into controversy. Mihika comes there and takes Alia’s side. Romi comes there and stops Mihika from doing this. Romi sends Mihika and Alia to peri amma house. Here Shagun is trying to talk to one lawyer because of the divorce matter. Someone knocks at the door. She opened the door and gets Ishita there. Shagun says her to go from here because you are coming here to play with my feelings. Ishita says no I am coming here to talk about Ruhi. Shagun is not ready to hear her. But Ishita says to her that someone made Ruhi’s MMS. Shagun says really, you are planning something else by taking Ruhi’s name. Ishita says no and she shows Ruhi’s video to Shagun.

Here Toshi and Madhu are talking to each other about Simmi and Gaurav. Madhu says to her to do Simmi’s marriagee because she is alone this time. So that we have to think about Simmi this time. Toshi says that she is always getting busy with Ananya and in business too. Madhu says that she won’t get busy if someone will present in her life. Toshi says really, you are saying right, I am her mother. So that I have to think about her. Madhu tells her about the┬ámatrimonial site and we will see a good boy for Simmi. Toshi says ok to her. Here Shagun watch out Ruhi’s MMS video and then came to know about everything. Shagun is looking so tensed and she is ready to help her. Shagun starts to say everything to Ishita that what was happened on that day. Shagun say that Pihu throws a juice on Ruhi’s dress and then I told her to take a shower. After this, I went out and Pihu was also going out with a neighbor family. Shagun says that a heater repairer was coming on that day behind me. Ishita says really, shall we get a contact number of that heater repairer. Shagun says you don’t worry, let me try to get a contact number of that man. Shagun makes a call to someone to ask about that man.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2016 Written Episode:

Raman is sitting in the cyber cell and talking to the Police Officer about Ruhi’s case. Police Officer says that you don’t worry, we will find out that man. Raman says that I won’t leave that man, I will kill him. Sohail comes there and says the same. Then the Police Officer says that you don’t worry, I will see him. Raman gets someone’s call and then goes out from there. Here Alia and Mihika are sitting with Om Prakash Bhalla. He says that Bhalla family boys are really awesome and if you will hear the stories of our family then you will be getting shocked. All over Mr. Bhalla is appreciating the boys of Bhalla family especially Raman aka Karan Patel. Alia and Mihika are getting shocked. Alia is pulling Mr. Bhalla’s leg and he is replying so nicely by saying that we are always thinking about the parties. Here Ishita asks Shagun that your phone is in range or not because we don’t get Leena’s call yet. Suddenly, a door bell rings up. Shagun opens the door and then gets a lawyer there. Ishita comes to know about Mani and Shagun’s divorce.

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