Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2016 Written Episode 987 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2016 Written Episode 987, Written Update on

The Serial starts with the scene in which the Ruhi is talking to Aditya and informs him that she is going to meet papa and Pihu. Aditya says something to Ruhi and she replies that you don’t worry, I am going there and handles everything.

Vidyut says to the goons that he loves Shagun. So that he will never give permission to anyone to touch her. Shagun feels so good. After some time, Ishita gives a money to those goons because this is well-planned game to trap Shagun. Vidyut and Shagun to the restaurant and then talks to each other about their future life. Vidyut says to her that I love to do enjoy every time, I will never become a serious type husband.

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Shagun says whatever I won’t marry you. Vidyut says to her that your husband is not romantic as I felt in last some days. If you husband loves you then he never ran away from Adelaide when you went here. Shagun starts to thin about the Vidyut’s changing behavior. Vidyut thinks that he have to do something big because Shagun is so stubborn.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2016 Written Episode 987:

Shagun gets impressed by him. After some time, he says to her that I am going to propose you. He stands up and sings a song for Shagun in front of all people that,’Kaate Nahi Katt Ti Din Ye Rat, Kehni Hai Tumse Dil Ki Bat, Lo Aaj Ye Kehta Hun, I Love You.’ Shagun feels shy and smiles a lot. He asks Shagun, Will you marry me Shagun Arora? She is smiling. 

Shagun smiles and not saying yes. Vidyut thinks that now it’s a time to use next thing to get Shagun’s answer. He brings out a ring from his pocket and offers to Shagun. She gets mesmerized and says yes to him. Vidyut is getting so happy and he hugs her, He offers a drink to all people who are present in the restaurant. All people are getting so happy.

Here Ruhi is coming there and see everything that how Vidyut is proposing Shagun mumma. She is getting shocked and decides to expose Vidyut very badly. But when she is coming towards the Shagun and Vidyut, then Ishita is coming in between them and takes Ruhi at a side. Ruhi bites at her hand.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2016 Written:

Ishita opens her face and Ruhi gets shocked to see this. Ruhi asks what is this? What is going on? Ishita says to her to get relax and listen. Ishita tells everything to Ruhi what is going on? Ruhi gets relax and happy too. Here Vidyut says to Shagun to give divorce to Mani and left Pihu with his father. Shagun says no. But after some time, Vidyut makes her ready to give divorce to Vidyut and handovers Pihu to her father. Shagun gets ready.

After some time, Pihu and Raman are waiting for Ruhi aka Aditi Bhatia. After some time, Ruhi is coming there. Pihu is going to bring a juice for her. Raman says to Ruhi that I want to talk to you something important. Ruhi says I understand papa, please you have to give divorce to Ishima. Raman says that I will never give divorce to Ishima. Ruhi smiles and says that I know papa, Raman asks how? Ruhi says Ishima told me. Ishita comes there and smiles a lot. Raman looks at her and making faces.

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