Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the Lawyer is coming to the Mani’s home whereas Ishita is getting shocked to see him there. He introduces himself by saying that I am Lawyer and handling domestic cases. I am coming here to handle the divorce case of Shagun and Mani. Ishita gets shocked. But Shagun changes the topic and says that I am calling him just for some property papers discussion. Lawyer is going from there. Ishita says to Shagun that you have to share all this to me. Suddenly, Raman is coming there and says to Shagun, have you get Leena’s call. Suddenly, she gets Leena’s call and then she says to Leena to give the CCTV footage of that day when that electrician was coming at Shagun’s apartment.

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Raman, Ishita, and Ruhi are present in Ruhi’s room whereas blackmailer is calling Ruhi again and again. Raman makes a call to the Cyber cell and informs them about the blackmailer’s call. Police Officer says to Raman that if Ruhi will talk to the blackmailer for more time then we will easily trace the blackmailer’s location as soon as possible. Raman says to Ruhi to take Blackmailer’s call and then she takes his call. Raman says her to talk for more time. Ruhi takes the call and then blackmailer says that I know you people were going to the Cyber Cell then made a complaint there. Ruhi and all people are getting shocked to hear this. Ruhi is looking so scared. Here Cyber cell police officer try to trace the call. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2016 written update. Blackmailer says to Ruhi that you have to come to meet me with money on the Bahadurgarh road without to inform the Police station. Ruhi gets scared very badly and says that why are you doing this. He cuts the call.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2016 Written Episode:

Raman asks Police that have you traced the blackmailer? They are replying that black mailer cut the call and that’s why we were unable to trace him. Ishita and Raman are saying to Ruhi that you don’t worry, we will never get that video viral. We are with you. Here Toshi Bhalla and Madhu are searching out the boys on the matrimonial website where they get Gaurav’s profile too. They are coming to know about all the qualities of Gaurav that his all likes and opposite to Simmi then how will they think about Simmi and Gaurav. Toshi says that I am the mother of a daughter. So that I have to think about her. Here Alia and Mihika are coming there. Alia says to Toshi Bhalla that I want to talk to you about Bhalla family. Toshi says it’s good. Let me tell you everything. Toshi tells her everything about the Bhalla family. But in between, Alia starts her speech that what type of boys of Bhalla family have? Mihika says that Alia you are getting late and now you have to go home. Here Raman, Ishita, and Ruhi are coming to the Cyber cell. They are coming to know that some police officers are going there to catch that black mailer but they are coming getting successful in getting him in the church. Suddenly, Ruhi gets blackmailer call. He says to Ruhi that Janeman that why are you sending the Police Officer in the church to catch me. I know everything. So you stop doing all this and I want 24 lakh money instead of 12. So you will come to the Christmas party where all people will be in red costume. In the last, he says that don’t cry, your beautiful eyes are not looking good with tears. Ruhi screams very badly and asks why are you doing all this. He laughs and says that don’ you try to trace me because I am going to cut this call. He cuts the call.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Mihika and Alia are coming in the cafe where Alia says that I am worried to think about the Aditya and I am so scared to hear about the boys of the Bhalla house. Here my Appa is saying me to go to the Bhalla house and fix the date. Here Aditya is saying that I want to say sorry to her once a time./ Romi is also sitting with him and says him that if you will say sorry to her then she will dominate after marriage. So you don’t say anything to her. Aditya says that I love her and want to marry her as soon as possible. Here Mihika is also saying the same and says that Romi never say sorry to me. He is also dominating just like Aditya. Alia says that I love Adi a lot and wants to marry him as soon as possible.  Here Ruhi is going in the party by wearing a red dress and she is looking so scared. Abhishek says to Ruhithat you don’t worry, we will around you all the time.

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