Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update on

The serial start with the scene in which the Raman calls Pihu as “Papa Ki Princess.” Pihu looks behind and then comes back there. Raman says that I am your papa, my dear, I came here just to spend time with you people. Pihu is getting very happy and then hugs him tightly.┬áHere Nidhi is finally adding a poison in the sweets which are made for Shagun aka Anita Hassanandani.

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Pihu says to Raman that I am so happy to see you here. Even I am making a Pinky promise that I will not say anything to anyone. She recognizes Romi chachu also. Divya says that I am a real girl who is only coming here to attend the function. Romi and Raman are saying to Pihu that please don’t say anything to anyone. Here Nidhi thinks that Shagun’s baby will get die after to eat this kheer and all people will blame Mihika for this.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Nidhi is coming outside and gives a kheer bowl to Shagun. She says that my mouth is watering after to see this kheer. She is about to eat that. But Ishita is coming there and catches Shagun’s hand just to stop her by saying that your health won’t support this dish because it will create an acidity in your stomach. Due to which your health will be getting ruined. Shagun looks on and says that I am so careless. That I can’t look after my own health. Ishita says sorry to Mihika because she made this kheer for Shagun because she stopped Shagun from eating this kheer. Mihika says it’s ok I understand completely. Nidhi comes there and says let me put this dish inside. Ishita says ok.

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Later Nidhi gets angry and thinks that Ishita ruined her plan but it doesn’t mean that she will never repeat this. She decides to sideline Ishita just to complete her plan. Gulabo is coming in Ishita’s room and asks where will I put these gifts? Ishita says that you will put these gifts in Shagun’s room. Gulabo says ok. Ishita calls her inside and says sorry because she scolds her very badly because she has stolen an orange from there.

Pihu comes there and laughs a lot. Ishita calls her inside and asks what happened? Pihu says Gulabo didi have stolen an orange. So that’s why I am laughing a lot. Ishita stops her. She goes from there. Pihu calls Raman as papa. He stops her and says that you have to call me Gulabo now. Pihu says ok.

Romi is coming in Raman’s room and calls him Gulabo. Raman gets shocked. Romi laughs and says that I ma just kidding and you are looking hot in Gulabo’s look bhai. Raman says yes but I am getting tired very badly. Romi is giving a massage to him. Raman asks him that you are in office touch or not? Romi says yes bhai, you don’t worry. Everything will be getting alright.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Pihu is coming in Ruhi’s room and asks will I sleep with you because I don’t want to trouble Ishima today. Ruhi says ok but you don’t disturb me because I am studying now. Pihu says ok. Ruhi gets her manager’s call and comes to know about one new proposal. But Ruhi denies to do this. Pihu asks her why are you not doing this? Ruhi says that I have to complete my all assignments now and I don’t like anything.

Here Ishita is coming in Shagun’s room with a milk. Shagun smiles. Ishita says that you are doing childish activities all the time and that’s why you are doing all this? Shagun says yes but you are always behaving like a grandmother. Ishita says yes but I just want to take care of you. Shagun is watching all pictures of this function. Ishita says that Gulabo is very cute but Mani’s PA is such a different type of girl. Shagun says yes. Ishita says I feel some negative vibes from her side.

In the night time, Pihu is coming in Shagun’s room with a water and medicine. Shagun appreciates her. Pihu says that I will become elder sister soon. So that’s why I have to do all this and carry all responsibilities. Here Nidhi is in the kitchen and makes another plan for Ishita. She brings an oil and sprays that oil on the floor. Actually, she is trying to break Ishita’s leg. Her plan is to sideline Ishita from her all plans. After some time, Gulabo is coming there and asks Disha about Pihu. Disha starts to scold Gulabo very badly and says that I am not your servant that I am giving all answers to you.

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