Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the Ishita and Raman are getting worried to think about Ruhi. They are saying to Raman that how will she handle alone in the party? Abhishek says that you don’t worry, our best Police Officers are there and they will look after Ruhi there all the time. Apart from this, we are keeping our eye on Ruhi via these hidden camera’s. After this, Ishita is looking so tensed. Raman says that you don’t worry, she will handle herself. Ishita says that we are not doing our work only Abhishek is doing his work. Raman asks what? Ishita says we have to go inside the party. Raman asks how? How will we go there? Ishita says that party is a costume type party. So that we will change our looks and go there to protect our Ruhi. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2016 written update

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Mihika asks Alia that Aditya knows about you or not? She says no. Mihika says exactly, Romi doesn’t know about me because they didn’t call us yet. But those people are enjoying there and here we are crying without them. IIf we are with them then we are enjoying and if we are not with them, we are still crying a lot. Mihika says that we have to enjoy here and takes a fruit juice now. After that, we will dance here also. Alia says I am feeling so weird, we have to go from her now. Maybe Aditya is trying to call me and my phone is out of coverage area. Mihika says that you have to check your phone and you have to check your phone first. Alia says my phone is in full network. Suddenly, a waiter is coming there and says that we have to tell you everything for which they are thinking now. Then, the Waiter gives drinks to them. Buy they think, these are not alcoholic drinks, these are fruit drinks. They are taking back to back drinks and gets drunk very badly.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Ishita and Raman are coming in the party and makes Ruhi realize the presence of Ishita and Raman. She feels little secure. Abhishek is getting tensed to see Raman and Ishita in the party. But he says to Ruhi not to react on this matter. After some time, some people are coming there with their musical instruments. Abhi feels that someone is coming near to the  Ruhi. Abhishek makes Ruhi alert and says her to get alert. Suddenly, the man is coming near to Ruhi. Here an official santa is coming there and says to Raman to out from there. Raman says that I will give you more money and let me go inside. But an official santa is getting angry and then says that I am so loyal man. So that I don’t wany money. But you just go from here as soon as possible. Raman says ok let me go from here. Here a man is coming and snatches Ruhi’s bag. Suddenly, the lights get switch off. Abhishek and all other people are getting shocked. Sohail is running behind that man and catches him. But he exchanged the bag with another santa as per their discussion. Raman says that he met with an official santa and maybe he is outside this time. Here Alia and Mihika’s condition is getting so bad and they drunk very badly by forgetting their phones and all. They are going on the stage and dances a lot. So that Romi and Alia are coming there. They are getting shocked to see Alia and Mihika. Adi says that how will we handle these girls now.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2016 Written Episode:

Romi says that we have to take these ladies at home. Adi says that let me bring out the car and you will bring these two outside. Romi says great, we will go there and brings them both. Adi says we will drop Alia at her home and take Mihika chitti at the home. Romi says no we will take both ladies at our home and Alia will sleep in Simmi’s room. Here Ishita and Raman are going to the police station. But Ruhi is not ready to go with them to the police station. Sohail says that you will go there and here I will take care of Ruhi. Ishita asks will you happy here? Ruhi says yes.

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