Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Precap & Recap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM on, YHM July 28 2016 Full Precap and Recap, Ishita and Raman Bhalla Episode Written July 2016

Serial Precap: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode will begins with the scene in which Shagun want to marry with Mani because Nidhi and Shagun makes a plan against to Bhalla family. Ishita and Raman are so much happy with this news and then Ishita says to Shagun that I knows that you are the big enemy of Ishita and she ruined your whole life and now you want to take revenge from her. In the forthcoming episode of YHM, Ishita and Ruhi talks with each other and then they will asks with each other that why are you upset. Then, Ishita says to Ruhi that she is worry because Pihu don’t knows that I am her real mother and if she comes to know then she will get hurt. In another side Adi and Alia is doing dating with each other. Adi has some crush on Aliya but he is waiting for the right moment to tell this all.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th July 2016 Episode Update:

Ishita and Ruhi are talking to each other about Pihu. Ruhi gives a surity to Ishita that she will talk to Pihu about Shagun’s marriage. Ruhi talked to herself that she has bothered to Ishita many times. Nidhi talked to Ashok on Phone about Shagun’s marriage with Mani. Ashok is very happy to hear that news. Shagun talked to herself that she is very happy with this marriage because she is planning for future to stay in Raman’s family and creats problems in his family. Shagun talked to herself that be ready for ruined to Ishita. Toshi Bhalla talked to Mrs. Iyer regarding Raman and Ishita’s relationship. Mrs. Iyer has started to understand to Toshi Bhalla that Ishita and Raman met after 7 years. That’s why they are not talking to each other about marriage with themselves. Ishita said to mummy (Toshi Bhalla) that we are not talking about marriage of Shagun in front of Pihu. Raman said to Amma (Mrs. Iyer) that are you thinking about the preparation of marriage of Ishita and Raman. Mrs. Iyer said that no, i am not thinking about your marriage, I am only thinking about Adi that if we are doing marriage of Adi then what we will talk to them who is the actual mother of Adi. Here, Romi and Mihika talking about Clause 12 with Lawyer. Raman and Ishita talking to each other about Adi’s girlfriend, is Adi have any girlfriend or not, he kissed with his girlfriend or not. Ishita said to Raman to go in the room of Adi and ask him that he is having any girlfriend or not. Romy said to lawyer that you should be very careful in future about the mistakes due to which Romy has to face loss. The mistakes has catched by Mihika. Then lawyer said to Romy that you are very lucky to have a wife like Mihika. Romy is very upset about to hear that and it creates quarrel between Mihika and Romi. Mihika try to understand to Romy that she only wants to save Romy from loss. Ishita is coming on that spot when Romi is shouting on Mihika. Ishita say sorry that she is coming without informing to them. Ishita try to talk to Romy that Mihika is only helping you and trying to save you from loss. Romi said to Ishita that i know well how to work. But Romy doesn’t want to hear any word. He said to Ishita he is the owner of the company and he is well known about his work. I am not interfering in Mihika’s work then why she is.

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