Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Episode 928 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Episode, YHM Episode 928 Written Update on

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita says to Nidhi that I will not let you go. I will punish you very badly because you have tried to ruin a life of my two daughters. So that, I will never leave you. Then, Police Officer also says to Nidhi that we will punish you at any cost. Raman is also coming there and says to Nidhi that when you will get Police torcher then you will realize that what you did with my family. Nidhi is feeling so bad.

After some time, Raman and Ishita are coming back to home. They gives this good to all people. Ruhi congrats Aditya and he congrats Ruhi aka Ruhaan because both were getting stuck very badly in Aliya’s case. But now both are free because Police get the real culprit and that is Nidhi. Alia says that I already know that you people didn’t do wrong with me.

Raman is getting so emotional. He is missing Pihu aka Ruhanika Dhawan very badly. Suddenly, Ishita is coming there and then asks him what happened? Raman says nothing, I am ok. Ishita says that leave this and now tell me the truth. Raman says that everything was running smoothly. Suddenly, the¬†Shagun was coming into our life for taking our Pihu away from us. Even Mani also supported her, If he didn’t support her then she never separate our Pihu from us. Ishita says it’s ok Raman, one day our Pihu will definitely come back to the home.

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Raman says that I will never forgive Mani for this. He is also a father then how he took the decision of separating Pihu from us. Even he did wrong best friend Ishu aka Divyanka Tripathi. He thinks that if Mani was supported Shagun that time then he will always support her in every crime. As we know, she is a criminal and she will never become changed. But whatever I will bring my Pihu back into her own house Bhalla house. On the other side, Police arrests Nidhi atlast in Aliya’s crime. Let see what will happen in YHM 27th Sep 2016 written. Click here to read previous Yeh hai Mohabbatein 27th September 2016 update.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Episode:

Here Mani is waiting for the newspaper. Alia is coming there and she jumps in a happiness. Mani asks what happened? Why are you jumping like this? Alia says I have a very big news due to which you will also come to know the truth. Mani asks what? Alia says please read out the newspaper first. Alia tells everything to him that Aditya is innocent and Nidhi is a real culprit who did all this in Ruhaan’s attire.

Mani is getting shattered and thinks that how will he recover this mistake? Alia says that you did wrong with Amma by not trusting her. Even you supported Shagun aunty instead of Amma. You separated Pihu from Ishita Amma aand that was wrong. Mani makes a call to Ishita and says sorry to her. He makes a call and Ishita takes his call. She scolds Mani very badly and then says that I will never forgive you.

Ishita cuts the call. Mani feels very bad. Alia says to him that you don’t worry everything will be getting alright and Amma will also forgive you. But you did wrong with Amma and that’s why she is upset from your side. So you just meet her and sought out everything. Mani says ok to her. Alia orays to god to please sought out everything today.

Here Simmi is going to make Ananya wakes up. But she is suffering by fever. Simmi gets worried. She says that I am going to bring haldi milk for you and then you will feel better. Simmi goes to the kitchen. Ananya becomes happy and throws onion from her clothes. She becomes so happy.

Here Raman is exploring Pihu’s pictures. Ishita is coming there and then asks Raman what happened? He says to Ishita that I am missing Pihu and my daughter is very far from us. Even she is also missing her family but nobody is there. Ishita asks where is Shagun in these pictures. Raman says she is so over acting lady. Maybe she is sitting near a tree just to save her beauty. Ishita says I want to tell you something.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written:

Suddenly, Neelu is coming there and says to Ishita that Mani bhaiya is coming to meet you. Raman is getting angry and he is coming in a hall room. He gets angry and beats Mani very badly. Ishita and all people are trying to handle the situation. But Raman says to all that please nobody is coming in between us. Ishita screams. But Mani says to her that please Ishu I did a mistake and I deserve a punishment.

Here Simmi comes to know that Ananya is just doing a fever drama. She says to her to get ready soon for your school and then go to school as soon as possible. Otherwise, you are getting late for the school. Ananya is not ready for going to her school. So that she says to Simmi that I already planned today’s holiday and not going to the school. Ananya makes a call to Param and says him to please make Simmi ready for today’s holiday. Simmi takes a call and get ready to allow Ananya for not going to school.

Here Mani is making some papers on which he forced Shagun for doing signatures. But Shagun denies him. He says to her that your one signature will give a lot of happiness to Ishita. Please return Pihu to Ishita because she is Ishita’s daughter. Shagun says to him that I gave birth to Pihu and I nurtured her from last 7 years. So that she is my daughter. Mani pleads her. But she denies again and again.

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