Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which the blackmailer is going from there and then checks out the purse. He gets a lot of money and then throws a kerosene on the purse just to burn it. Here Raman and Ishita are going to the Police station where they meet with the Police Station. Ruhi is spending time with Sohail and feels little relax. Ishita is worried for the Ruhi. Here Mihika calls Romi as monster and then she is not ready to come back to the home with Romi. Adi is also trying to handle Alia and try to make her ready to go back to the home.

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Here Toshi Bhalla is coming in her room and then gets Mr. Bhalla sleeps over there. She says him to get up but he is not getting up yet. Toshi Bhalla says that Mr.Bhalla is getting old and that’s why he got to sleep. But I am young and I have to celebrate the Christmas Eve in my own style. Toshi Bhalla comfortably and enjoys a drink with some peanuts. Here a waiter is coming there and calls Sohail because Manager wants to meet him. Ruhi says don’t go there, I won’t feel safe here. Sohail says you don’t worry, I am here and will come back soon. After some time when Sohail comes back, he says to her to go back home. Ruhi says I don’t want to go home. Sohail asks then? She replies we will go to Shagun mumma’s home and Alia will be there. So I will feel comfortable.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Romi and Aditya are bringing Alia and Mihika at the home. But in the parking area, Mihika and Alia are getting shattered very badly. They are starting to shout very badly. Romi and Aditya are trying to handle them but they are not ready to hear them. Aditya and Romi are starting to kill them at the same time. Guard is coming there and getting shocked to see them. Even though, Toshi Bhalla is coming outside with her bottle and see them shockingly. She shouts over them very badly. Romi and Aditya are getting shocked to see Toshi with the bottle. Here Mihika and Alia are creating a full scene but after a lot of efforts, Alia and Mihika are coming inside the home with Aditya and Romi. Here Shagun is decorating her home with full Christmas material and she is curiously waiting for Mani. She is talking to her friend and says that today I will kiss Mani.

But after some time, Mani is coming to the home and asks Shagun what are you doing this? Here Alia and Mihika are creating a drama in the hall room. Toshi Bhalla is also coming there and join hands with Mihika. Aditya and Romi are creating a full scene. Suddenly, Mr. Bhalla is coming there and asks what happened? Then he comes to know that all ladies are getting drunk. Toshi says today is Christmas day and I have to celebrate it. So that I took a drink. He says her to stop all this. Here Sohail and Ruhi are reaching to the Apartment area of the Shagun. There Sohail shows that he is kissing Ruhi but he is trying to hide her from one of the car. Ruhi gets angry and slaps him by asking what are you doing this? Sohail replies why he did this? Here Aditya and Romi are bringing lemonade juice for them and makes them drink. After this, they drops them int he bedrooms and says nobody will say anything to these ladies. After some time, Ruhi and Sohail are coming there and Shafgun opens the door. She hugs Ruhi very tightly and then says you don’t worry beta we will look after the matter. Ruhi and Sohail are coming inside. Shagun orders a litchi ice-cream for Ruhi and suddenly she gets Mani’s call. Actually, he calls Shagun to attend the party of his business partner.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th December 2016 Written Episode:

Shagun is going to attend the party. Here Sohail says to Ruhi to eat an ice-cream. She says I don’t have a mood to eat this ice-cream. Sohail forces her to eat an ice-cream. She gets Raman and Ishita’s call. They are coming to know about that Ruhi is at Shagun’s home and she is fine. Suddenly, Ruhi gets kidnappers call and she gets scared too. Sohail scolds kidnappers very badly.

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