Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Precap & Recap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM on, YHM July 29 2016 Full Precap and Recap, Ishita and Raman Bhalla Episode Written July 2016

Raman and Adi talk to each other about his girlfriend. Raman says that many girls like you as same as you like many girls. Raman asks Adi that do you have any girlfriend. Adi says that no papa, i don’t have any girlfriend. Raman says to Adi that it’s very shameless condition for me to hear all this. Raman says to Adi that he has to make one girlfriend rather she belongs to any caste or religion. Ishita and Ruhi sit each other for some discussion. On the same time, Vandita comes in Ishita’s room. Vandita try to talk with Ishita about his married life. Vandita says to Ishita that why she is not living their married life with Raman as like before. Ishita says to Vandita that i can’t tackle Raman as before like Kudkud Ram. I can’t be able to tolerate him. She is comparing Raman and Mani’s nature. Raman listened all these talks of Ishita and Vandu behind the door and angry to hear all this. Then Raman come to his room and shout on his maid regarding his Suit(Coat Paint) for meeting. Ishita comes in room and ask to Raman what happened to you. Why are you so much shouting and what you want, Raman says that why are you coming here. I am kudkud Ram and you are not able to tolerate me. Ishita says to Raman that its very bad habit to hear talks behind anyone. Raman said that i have to go for meeting and be ready for this. But i didn’t find my clothes for meeting. When Adi go to meet Aliya in her home,he saw that she is crying to think that Ishita goes far from Aliya. But Adi try to understand Aliya that Ishita is always your mom as well as before. So why are you so worried to think that Ishi Maa will be going far. Mani comes in Raman’s house to meet with his family and Ishita’s family. All family members treating Mani like a guest and try to convenience to have dinner with them. Toshi bhalla says to Mani that you will be our future Son-in-law, and everybody talks about Shagun and Mani’s marriage. On that spot, Pihu comes and asks from everyone about the marriage. Then Ruhi says Pihu that we are talking about Mani’s friend marriage. Pihu tell Mani that will she come in Mani’s Friend marriage. Pihu loves to wear new dress, Bangal etc. Mani says to Pihu that this marriage is very simple, is it comfortable for you to come in that marriage. Pihu says that then its very boring marriage. Ishita comes in Adi’s room and she choose saree for Shagun for her marriage. Adi says to Ishi Maa that Mani wants very simple marriage, then why we are selecting these types of dresses for Shagun Mumma. Ishita says that its not looking good to have very simple marriage. Then Ishita asks to Adi that where were you going with Aliya, had they saw movie or eat icecream. Adi is very tensed due to Aliya and said to Ishita that Aliya is very upset to think about Mani’s marriage. Adi says to Ishita that you please talk to Aliya about all this. I can’t see her upset. Ishita seems laugh and says to Adi that i will definitely try to make her understand.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM Precap & Recap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th July 2016 Episode Update:

Short Story Review: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode will begins with the scene in which Ishita comes in her room. Raman is already present there. They both are talking to each other. In talks, Raman started arguing with Ishita and he said to Ishita that she is not having tolerance power. Then Adi is coming in Raman’s Room. Raman talked to Adi about his Girl Friend. Adi feel shy with Raman to say that he has no Girl Friend. Its very embarrassing condition for Raman after hearing all this. Raman is too angry on Adi and said to Adi that its very shame for me that you are not having Girl Friend. You are feeling ashamed and creates bad mark on Punjabi’s Name.

Shagun is planning how to ruin Ishita that’s why she is very curious to marry with Mani. If she will marry with Mani then she can stay near to Ishita and Raman.

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