Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2016 Written Episode 929 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2016 Written Episode, YHM Episode 929 Written Update on

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman, Ishita, Aditya, Aliya, and Mihir are coming in an office. Whereas Raman is getting angry and he says to Ishita to send Aliya back to her home. Ishita asks why? Raman says that she is responsible for Pihu’s separation. Ishita says that Aliya always stayed at Aditya’s side. She also thinks the same like Aditya is innocent. Raman says I don’t know why? But I am not ready to accept Alia here in my office.

Ishita says that Alia is my team member and I want my team complete at any cost for this project. I have so much work and that’s why I have to concentrate into my work. Raman says that you are doing wrong Ishita because this is just an office where you only think about Aliya not mine. Raman says that I will take all decision at my own outside the office.

Raman goes from there. Ishita thinks that sometimes Raman is getting so rational. Mihir says to Ishita that bhabhi I want to talk to you. Ishita says to Mihir that it’s a time to do work instead to talk on useless matters. Ishita says to Aditya and Alia to go from here and concentrate on your work. They are going from there. ¬†Ishita thinks that what will she do to make Raman relax.

Shagun is getting angry and she is going to take Ashok’s help. She is going to meet Ashok. She tells everything to him about Nidhi aka Pavitra Punia’s reality that she threw an acid on Aliya by getting Ruhaan’s attire. Ashok gets so shocked and thinks that Nidhi is so clever lady. Even she hide everything from us also. Shagun says yes, she hides everything from us also. Ashok says ok leave it. You have something new or not. Shagun says that Mani gets shattered when he came to know about Nidhi and Aditya’s innocent report. So that he went to Ishita’s home just to say sorry to Raman and Ishita. But Raman slapped him. Ashok gets so happy.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2016 Written Episode:

After some time, Ashok says to Shagun that I have an idea due to which you will easily ruin Raman and Mani’s life very badly. This plan will destroy Raman and Mani’s life completely. Shagun asks what? After some time, Mani gets angry and says to Shagun that how could he? I went his home just to say sorry to him. But he is doing wrong with me. I will not leave him, I will kill him. Shagun says to him to control and then take some decision. Mani says to Police officer to arrest Raman now. Don’t know what happen. Let see what will happen in YHM 29th Sep 2016 written. Click here to read previous Yeh hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 update.

Here Raman is making a call to Pihu just to talk to her. He says I miss you Pihu. Pihu also replies to him that I am also missing you papa. Pihu tells everything to Raman that I am coming out for night out party. Apart from this, I went outside for a trip with mumma. Raman asks are you happy in that house. Pihu says yes papa, I am very happy here. Mani uncle and Aliya didi are very nice. They take care of me all the time.

Ishita is calling Raman again and again. But he is not giving any response to her. She is getting so worried. Aditya and Aliya are coming there and asks her what happened? Ishita says nothing, actually, Raman is not picking my call from last some time. I am just worried about him. Aditya says to her lets go to find out him. Ishita says no it’s ok. Suddenly, Aditya gets a call from his friend for the party. But he denies to go there.

Ishita says to him to attend the party and it’s good for your mind. Alia says Ishita amma is saying right. Ishita says to them to go from there and handles the situation. Here a girl is coming to Mani’s home with a file. Mani asks who are you? That girl replies that I am a new trainee in your company and coming here to take your signatures. Mani says why are you coming here so late? It’s not an office time.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th September 2016 Written:

That girl replies to him that I am so sorry sir. Please try to understand the situation. Suddenly, that girl shouts and says to Mani to please leave me, don’t touch me. Mani asks what are you doing this? Shagun comes there and asks her what happened? That girl blames Mani for misbehavior. Shagun says that I know my husband and he never do this. So you just tell me the truth that why are you coming here?

Shagun says that I am going to call Police here and then you will reveal the truth. Raman is coming home in a bad drunken state. Ishita comes there and asks him why are you coming home like this? Raman says this is my decision. Ishita says this is wrong. They starts to do fight with each other. Ruhi comes there and stops them. Raman cries a lot and says that he is missing Pihu a lot.

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