Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM on

In the beginning of YHM, Rommy Bhalla is in Hotel’s Room. Rommy has hide tramontane girl in cupboard. He turned out that girl from the cupboard and says that you should leave the room very soon. Rommy says to that girl, leave this room after me. Mani is sitting in hall and doing work late night. Aalya sees that Mani is awaking till now. She is going in front of Mani and ask him that why are you sitting here till now. Mani says that i am not able to sleep, so that i think to do business work. Mani says to Aalya that after a stage, we have to need someone in our life. Mihika asks Rommy that who is in hotel’s room. Rommy says to Mihika that nobody is in hotel’s room. Rommy says to Mihika that Ashok creates misconception in your mind against me. Mihika says to Rommy that if there is nobody in your room then who is owner of that earrings which is on hotel’s bed. Aalya calls to Aditya and force him to meet. Aditya thinks that Aalya also likes him, thats why she is calling to meet him. Aditya meets Aalya and she says to him that we have to wake up Mihir. Aditya says to Aalya,that what happens. Is there any serious issues? Aditya says that its not good to wake Mamu (Mihir) in the midnight. But Aalya is so obstinate. She is not ready to hear any word says by Aditya. Aalya holds Adi’s hand and go to take him in Mihir’s home. She is continuously knocking Mihir’s home door and ringing door bell. But Mihir is not opening the door. Aditya says that Mammu is in deep sleep.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd August 2016 Written Episode

I think we have to leave that place. But Aalya is not ready to go from here. She says to Adi that we have to find a keymaker for opening that door. Aditya is shocked to listen about Aalya’s search. Aditya and Alya is finding a keymaker and Alya is ready to pay Rs. 1000/- to make key on urgent basis. Keymaker is ready for this deal and go to Mihir’s home. Mihir’s home door is opened by Keymaker. Aalya wakes to Mihir and ask him that why is he not picking her call. Mihir says that i was slept deeply. Keymaker demands for their money to make/open the door. Aalya says that i am not taking my purse, She says to Aditya to pay that amount. But Aditya is also not carrying that much amount. Mihir asks to Keymaker that how much amount she agree to pay and he pays full amount to Keymaker. Shagun comes in Pihu’s room adn Pihu is very happy to see Shagun mummy. She says to Shagun that why are you not coming in night. Shagun is priming Pihu against Ishita. She says that Ishita has fobidden me to meet you. Rommy is on call with that tramontane girl who is hotel’s room. He says to that unknown girl to meet him again. Rommy says to her that he is very happy to spend time with her. That unknown girl is also wants to meet Rommy again. Rommy says that we will meet at 11:00AM and cut the call because Mihika is coming room. Rommy takes his towel and go to bathroom for bath and keep his phone on bed. Rommy’s phone is ringing and Mihika pick that call which is made by tramontane girl. Raman calls to Ishita to give a good news. Raman says that he is coming back from Abroad. Ishita is very happy to hear this news. Toshi bhalla and Mrs. Iyer is talking to each other in hall at Raman’s home. Ishita is coming in hall and informs to her mother-in-law (Toshi Bhalla) and her mother (Madhu Iyer) that Raman is coming back from abroad. They both are also happy and say that we will celebrate this happiness to make over of all ladies staff of our home. Mrs. Iyer says to Ishita that you must also make over. Ishita says that Amma (Mrs. Iyer) why should i do make over. Ishita is making food for Pihu and says to shagun to take this food to eat to Pihu. Shagun says that Ishita go and eat pihu that food.

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