Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which Alia is coming in the kitchen and sees everything is messed up there. She thinks Shagun was doing everything messed in the kitchen. She cleans up the kitchen and makes a call to Restaurant for order a food. She is talking with Restaurant’s man. Shagun is coming there and gets angry to see Alia. She asks Alia that why are you doing this? I already prepare a food for all then why are you wasting money and time if there is already food in the kitchen.

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Alia says that you have burnt out the food very badly. So that nobody will eat that bad food. Shagun screams. Alia goes from there. Ishita is coming there and she pleads Shagun for please meet Pihu and makes everything normal. She got scared after to see your bad behavior or anger. She wanted to meet you then why aren’t you meeting with her.  Shagun says that Mani is not at home and Alia is also going from here before some time.

Ishita says I am coming here just to meet you. Shagun says I won’t meet you. Ishita says her that Pihu is feeling so bad till you behaved with her so badly. She feels like everyone will be going to leave her alone. So please try to understand the situation. Ishita says I am feeling about Pihu but I also thinks about you by thinking that everybody will be going to leave you alone. Here Mihika is coming out from the car and sees Romi with another girl. She gets angry and asks him who is she? He replies that she was coming here just to asks one way and nothing else.

They are getting in a big controversy with each other. Romi scolds Mihika and goes from there. Here Aditya is talking to someone in an office. He is giving 1000-500 notes to one client, who is not ready to accept them. But he is trying to make him understand that this money is legal, so you don’t worry. Suddenly, he gets Alia’s call and comes to know about her fight with Shagun. She calls Aditya in the near by restaurant to meet him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2016 Written Episode:

Ishita is thinking about all people. Raman is coming there and starts to talk with her. Suddenly, Pihu is coming there and starts to talk with Ishita about her friend’s birthday party. Raman sees them and getting so happy. He gets emotional too. Pihu kisses Ishita and says that I am going to meet Ananya di.

Ishita says that we are together and now nobody will separate us. I want to thank Vidyut because we helped us out and gave our Pihu to us. Raman says to Ishita that Vidyut is coming here for the dinner. Actually, I forgot to tell you about him. But now I told you that he was coming here for the special punjabi dinner.

Ishita says how is he coming here? Is he in Delhi? Raman says that yes he is in Delhi, he is coming here for his official work. So that’s why I invited him here. Ishita says it’s good for us to meet him again. She says that you have invited him for the dinner then I will cook food for him. He says I already told Neelu about his favorite things. So that she will make it. Don’t get hyper.

After this, they heard Mihika and Romi’s fight. Raman says let we go outside to check out what is going on? Simmi is coming there and asks them what happened? Mihika says that, Romi is not a good husband, he was talking to someon else by leaving me aside. Suddenly, Alia is coming there and shouts very badly by saying that Aditya is also the same guy who is always ignoring me, I called him in the near by restaurant but he didn’t come there.

Aditya is coming there and starts to shout on her. Mihika and Alia are joining their hands during the fighting. Toshi is also coming there. She tries hard to stop them. But they aren’t hear anything. Raman shouts very badly and stops everyone from saying anything. Vidyut is coming there and everybody gets shocked.

Raman introduces him with OM Prakash Bhalla and all other family members. But he won’t get any lady there. Raman gets shocked to see that only Aditya, Romi, and papa are standing here. They are saying hi to each other and sits there. Raman calls Neelu for the water but nobody is coming there. Only gents are roaming around him. Vidyut asks where is Ishita, your sister, and aunty I never met her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd December 2016 Written:

Raman says that Ishita is going to take a medicine for mummy ji. Suddenly, Toshi is coming there by wearing shades and a full makeup. Raman and all people are getting shocked to see her. She is trying to impress Vidyut. Toshi is trying to talk to him with full style and all. Raman gets shocked. Vidyut calls her aunty. Toshi says that my age is not so big.

After some time, Simmi, Alia, Mihika, and Ishita are also coming there in a full style. Vidyut gets impressed to see them. Simmi asks may I look beautiful. Ishita says yes. Raman gets up and asks Ishita what is going on? What is this? Why are all people behaving so? Ishita says they are just trying to impress Vidyut and nothing else.

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