Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written Episode 902 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written  Episode 902 Update on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Shagun and Pihu are coming to Mr. Batra’s clinic just to catch Raman and Ishita together. But Aditya already tells everything to Raman that Shagun is coming to Batra’s clinic. Raman and Ishita are getting shocked. They are trying to clean the room where Raman decorated the room by candles, flowers, and food just like a restaurant. Here Shagun and Pihu are reaching to the hospital. Ishita comes out by wearing her dentist apron. Pihu asks Ishita aunty, are you working here? Ishita says yes to her. Pihu says my mumma is having a pain in her tooth. Ishita says you don’t worry, I will look after her pain and I will give treatment to her. Pihu says ok. But Shagun is trying to go inside the room where Raman is hiding himself. But Ishita doesn’t give permission to her to go inside. Ishita says to Shagun that I am a dentist and I will give you a treatment.  Ishita brings Shagun in her cabin and starts to do her treatment. Pihu also stands there and says to Shagun that you don’t worry. Ishita Aunty will treat you.  Ishita takes a big injection. Shagun gets scared. Ishita gives that injection in Shagun’s mouth. After this, Raman says to Ishita that lets we are going to our home by eating an ice-cream somewhere. Raman gets happy to see a painful condition of Shagun. Ishita says how will Pihu go to the home? Raman says you don’t worry, Shagun will drop her.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written Episode 902:

Here Shagun is coming to the society to drop Pihu there. Shagun sees Alia and Aditya together. Therefore, she is staring at them and then goes near to them. She asks Alia that I am going to the home, can you come with me? Aditya says no Shagun mumma, Alia will not come with you because we are now preparing our presentation. Alia says we already completed our presentation, then why I don’t go with Shagun aunty. Shagun takes Alia with her. Aditya is getting Alia’s earing and then looks on.

Here Mihika is coming to the home where Romi is working. Mihika bursts out on Romi very badly and asks about Sanchi. He is making an excuse but Mihika says that I want to hear a truth. Romi goes from there. Mihika says that I want to hear a truth and nothing else. Shagun goes to Nidhi’s home and then tells her about love trio of Aditya, Alia, and Mihir. But she says that she doesn’t know about the feelings of anyone. Nidhi says that it’s awesome and we have to find out the feelings of this trio. Thereafter, we will plan something solid.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd September 2016 Written:

Here Raman and Pihu are coming for the cooking competition whereas Raman is about to cook something. Mihir makes a call to Aditya to ask him about the meeting that he will come for the meeting or not? Aditya says that I am in Pihu’s school. Actually, we people are coming to the school to support Raman and Pihu. Mihir says it’s ok dear, you will support Raman and I am going to attend the meeting with our new client. Alia present there. She asks Mihir that she will come with him or not?

Mihir says that of course, Alia you can come with me. Alia gets so happy. Here, Shagun is also coming to Pihu’s school to support her. Pihu gets so happy but Raman gets so angry to see her there. Suddenly, Raman’s hand is getting burned. Ishita runs towards him. Pihu catches Ishita’s hand and says that please help my father, you are a Doctor right? Ishita says you don’t worry Pihu I will help your father. Ishita asks for the first aid. She gives first-aid to raman. Raman smiles. Ishita asks why are you smiling a lot. Raman says you doesn’t find what I find out and that is Pihu was choosing you instead of anyone to help me.

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