Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM on

Serial Precap: In the forthcoming episode on 30th July, 2016, the serial will begins in which Police make call to Raman’s home for talking to Ishita. But call is attended by Mihika and police say to her that inform to Ishita to come to the Police station. In police station, they want to talk about Ishita’s Kidnapping and their clues. Mihika and Simmi both are present when police call is coming. Mihika says to Simmi that call is made by police to say that please inform to Ishita to come to police station. Mihika inform to Ishita about this call. Ishita goes to the police station. In police station, Ishita meets to ACP Abhishek.

Raman and Ishita Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update YHM July 30 Precap & Recap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th July 2016 Written Episode:

ACP Abhishek informs Ishita that her kidnapping case is handed over to him. He investigates each and everything from the very beginning about her kidnapping. He also informs to Ishita that Nidhi is not single one person behind her kidnapping. There is one more person with Nidhi who had planned for her kidnapping. We are on the search of another-one and always keeping eyes on the activities of Nidhi. So that we will be able to find any clue to search the other-one who is also a part of Ishita’s Kidnapping.

Here Mihir thinks that he have to talk with Alia about Shagun and Mani’s matter. He is thinking all this by standing near to his car. He is present in Mani’s parking area. Suddenly, he sees Alia on the terrace. He thinks that she is trying to do suicide. Mihir calls her loudly and trying to save her. But he is suffered by height phobia. But to control his fear, he starts to go towards the terrace just to save her. Here Alia doesn’t hear his words. Even she heard him but she doesn’t understand what he is saying. Even she can’t stop herself to hear Mihir’s words.

After so many efforts, Mihir is trying to stop her but she can’t ready to hear him. After some time, Mihir stopped her and then Alia is falling on her. They get an eye lock. But Mihir handles himself. Alia says to him that why are you coming here? Mihir replies her that I am coming to talk with about Shagun and Mani’s matter. Alia replies to him that why can’t you understand, I am ready for this marriage. Mihir gets happy and goes from there.

Here Ishita is going somewhere. She stuck with Bala and then says sorry to him. Bala asks Ishita what happened? Why are you in a hurry? Ishita says nothing, actually, I am thinking about Aditya and Alia. Bala asks her what? Ishita says to him that maybe Aditya likes Alia a lot. Bala laughs. Ishits asks what? Bala says to her that lets starts to think about their marriages. Ishita replies to him that Are you joking? They are not big enough, this is the time to look towards their studies or career. Bala says ok to her. Ishita leaves.

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