Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st August 2016 Written Episode 900 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st August 2016 Written Episode 900 Update on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Aditya is talking to Ruhi aka Ruhanika Dhawan about Ishita. Aditya says that I have to talk with Pihu at any cost because I don’t want Ishima to go from here. Ruhi says that please give some time to Ishita and Raman because they are young  and lets them deal with this matter. Ruhi is trying to handle Aditya Bhalla.  Suddenly, Pihu comes there and asks Ruhi and Aditya that are you people gets angry to me?

Ruhi says no to Pihu and says that you are my little sister, we love you a lot. Even though all people loves you a lot. Nobody gets angry you. Ruhi thinks that why Shagun mumma is humiliating Pihu like this? Ruhi says to Pihu that you don’t worry, everything is getting alright.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st August 2016 Written  Episode 900:

Ishita is doing her packing. Raman is trying to stop her but she is not ready to hear any word. Even Raman says to her that this is not a right way to teach our children, you are Pihu’s mother and you have to stay here with her, you have to teach her the right way. Shagun is misguiding her. Ishita says that I am not Pihu’s mother, she only considered Shagun as her mother. She added that Raman you please try to understand that she lived with Shagun from last seven years and she only sees Shagun at her mother’s place then how she is getting ready to accept me as her mother.

This time, it’s good to leave this home for me. She hugs Raman and comes outside the home. Toshi Bhalla and Simmi are getting so emotional. They are not giving permission to Ishita to leave this house. But Ishita hugs them and says that I am not going anywhere, I am living here in Amma’s house. So you guys can come there anytime. I am here always. Ishita ready to go with her Appa. Aditya is trying to stop her. But Pihu stops Aditya from doing this. Ishita comes to her Appa’s home. Vandu hugs Ishita and says that you don’t worry, we will try to make Pihu understand the situation. Ishita cries a lot.

Raman is sitting silent and recalling all the moments in which he hugged Ishita. He is feeling so bad. Suddenly, Aditya and Ruhi are coming there to support Raman emotionally. Aditya says that why are you getting worried, far relationships always brings a lot of love, trust, and bonding in the relationship. Ruhi says to him that you also date Ishima and yu have to impress her also. This is such a cute. Raman smiles and says what are you saying. Aditya says why not papa? It’s good to do all this.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st August 2016 Written:

Next day, Alia and Mihir are coming to an office. Mihir says thank you to Alia. Alia asks why? Mihir says last night I heard a lot of my favorite songs by using your gifted headphone, I enjoyed a lot. Alia gets so happy. Mihir says to Alia that I have planned to give you a return gift. Alia gets angry and says that I don’t want any return gift. If you want to give me a gift then you have to give me a gift for any other cause. She leaves his cabin in an anger. Mihir thinks that why she is getting so angry.

Here Ishita gets a call of Mr. Batra because he offers a job of Dentist to her. Ishita gets nervous. Vandu is boosting her confidence and sends her to the clinic. Ishita gets ready and reaches to Mr. Batra’s office. She feels so good and then she gets an appointment letter. She gets so happy. Then, she goes into her cabin. She touches her dentist apron. She says that Vandu akka you were right, now I am feeling so good. Suddenly, someone comes there and opens the door of her cabin. But when she look behind nobody is there. She gets scared.

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