Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written Episode 961 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written Episode 961, Written Update on

The serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written starts with the scene when the Mihika is talking to Mihir about an advocate Kunal. She says to him that when I met with Kunal during Romi then he was behaving so strange and that was completely unacceptable. Mihir says to her that I am going to talk to him, you don’t worry. Mihika says ok. Mihir asks Kunal what happened? Why were you talking to Mihika like a stranger?

He replies to Mihir that I was doing that behavior only to save Mihika because if I talked to her so friendly that I also told to him about our first meeting. So that I was behaving so? Mihir says ok and he informs the same to Mihika. After this, Ruhi is coming there and starts to discuss the gift which she wants to give to Aditya.

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Finally, Ruhi says to Mihika that I am going to present one CD which may carries so many memories of their childhood. Mihika says ok. Ruhi is going from there. Mihika gets a phone call from the blackmailer and he says that I am going to replace Ruhi’s CD by other CD which will show her private pictures. Mihika gets scared and going to search out Ruhi but till then she is on stage.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written Episode 961:

Ruhi makes an announcement and starts to present a CD. Mihika starts to cry. But there is not any replacement. She gets some relax. Blackmailer makes a phone call again and then says to her that I will do it again. Here Shagun says to Pihu that see your all pictures are with me not with Ishita. So that I am your real mother. Suddnelym a food is falling down on Shagun’s saree.

She scolds Pihu and goes to the washroom to clean her clothes. Here Pihu faces som problem and sudden gets a cough. Ishita and Raman are coming there. They take care of Pihu. Shagun is coming there and gets shocked to see Ishita and Raman near Pihu. Mani is also coming there. He asks where is Shagun? Raman says don’t know. All of sudden, Shagun comes there.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 31st October 2016 Written:

Mani says to her to go back to home. Shagun and Mani are going from there. Here Mihika gets a call from then come Blackmailer says her to come outside because he wants to meet her. Mihika is coming outside and she sees someone’s reflection. Mihika asks who are you? Why are you doing this? But that she is Ishita not any blackmailer. Ishita asks what happened? Mihika tells everything to her.Here Raman calls Ishita because he wants to introduce Ishita to Kunal where Ishita is going to meet Kunal. Raman introduces her with Kunal.

They start to enjoy drinks. After some time, Ishita’s drink is falling on the table where Kunal and Ishita’s phone are already laying on the table. Ishita says sorry and asks Raman that she want to go for some urgent work. Raman says ok. So that Ishita takes Kunal’s phone. She is going to meet Mihika and asks her have you got his phone call again. Mihika says yes but I didn’t recieve that phone call.

Raman and Ishita are talking to each other about the Pihu aka Ruhanika Dhawan. Earlier Raman scold Ishita very badly. But now he realized that he did wrong with her. So that he decides to give an explanation to her. But Ishita says to Raman that I don’t need any explanation and not be sorry from your side.

But I want to say something to you and that is why I told the truth to Pihu? Why I went there? Why I accept that I am her real mother? There is a big reason behind this and that is, Pihu gave me her swear to tell the truth. So that I told a truth to her that I am her real mother not Shagun. But now Pihu is not ready to accept this truth.

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