Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update YHM on

In the beginning of YHM, Ishita comes to Pihu’s room with a tasty food. Pihu says to Ishita that please tell a story and dine me the food. When Ishita takes a food bite near to Pihu, She bits on her finger and Ishita shouts. Shagun sees all this under the back of the door. Shagun says to herself that Pihu is really my daughter after seeing that she hurted Ishita to give her pain through bitting. Mihika asks Romy that what is your today’s Plan. Romy says that i am going for Business meeting, so i am busy in my office work. Mihika says that i am planning to go for movie with you and after that we will go for lunch. She says to Romy that try to postpone your meeting. Romy shouts and says that there are some Business rules. I can’t postpone that meeting because its Board of directors meeting. I am going for my meeting, don’t try to stop me. Mihika says to herself that i will definitely catch you. She ensue her and reaches to hotel. Aaliya talks with Mani and tell him to talk to Shagun. Mani says that i have lot of business work. But Aalya remembered Mani about the promise which he did in past that he will always take care of Shagun. Mani says that ok, i puts call to Shagun. Shagun picks Mani’s call. Mani asks Shagun that how is she. He invites her for lunch. Shagun says Yes. Mani asks her that which type of food she likes. Shagun says that she likes Spanish food. Mani says that its ok,then we will eat Spanish today and meet you in lunch time and cuts the phone. Aalya is very happy to hear all this. Aalya says to Mani that shall we finish our breakfast.

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Simmy asks Mihika that why are you looking so upset. Mihika starts crying and tell everything to her. Simmy says to Mihika that Rommy will never change. I will talk to him. Mihika says to Simmy that i will catch him red handed, you don’t do anything. She requests to Simmy that don’t say anything to Ishita because she takes other’s tension soon. Mihika says that Ishita is very happy for Raman’s news. I can’t see Ishita’s worryness about Rommy and me. Ruhi sees Ishita’s wounded finger and askes her what happens. Ishita says that Pihu bits on her finger while eating. Ruhi angers and calls to Pihu. She asks Pihu that did you bit on Ishi Maa’s finger. Pihu says that yes i did. Ruhi says that did you say sorry to Ishita. Pihu says that no. I don’t have much time. Ruhi catch Pihu in front of Ishita and says her to say sorry to Ishi Maa. Pihu says sorry to Ishita and run away from there. Ruhi wauls Pihu, Ishita says to Ruhi that Pihu is late for school. Stop wauling her. Ruhi says that i do dressing. Ruhi takes first aid and start dressing on Ishita’s wound. Ishita seems happy to tell story to Pihu because Pihu is very happy to listen that story. Ruhi asks the reason of Ishita’s happiness. Ishita tells Ruhi the reason.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written Episode:

Parlour girl is coming for make over of all ladies staff. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer says to that girl to start make over from Ishita. Mrs Bhalla mounting Ishita on chair and speaks to Parlour girl to start her make over. Mrs. Bhalla says that girl to color her hairs also. Mrs Bhalla says that Burgundy colors suits in her hairs. Ishita start to talk about some secrets of Raman and all are laughing to hear this. Mrs. Bhalla says that she took bittered Juice when she is pregnant at the time of Raman , that’s why Raman is so bittered. They all are. Shagun and Ruhi also coming on the same place where Ishita and Toshi present. Parlour girl is going to make base of hair color. Shagun puts glue in that base. Shagun says to Ishita that Raman likes this color on your hairs.

Mihir says to stranger man that we want to launch new product on Adi’s name. But it’s not possible for you to take this project smoothly. So you please provide all files to HR. Mihir thinks to appoint someone for this project. On the same time, Aalya clicks on his mind and he puts call to Aalya. Mihir asks her about this project. Aalya’s says thatshe is already working on her Appa’s (Mani) project. Mihir says that this project relates to Adi and this is only three months work. Mihir says that this is temporary project for you. Aalya is ready to handle this project also for Adi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd August 2016 Written:

Pihu takes oil bottel and go in fornt of Ruhi. She says sorry to Ruhi and tell them the truth. Pihu says that Ishita hurts her mother (Shagun). She intimidate my mother, that’s why she is not coming to meet her in night. Ishita want to make me away from my mom. Mihika comes to home back. Ishita asks her that why are you upset. Mihika reply that she feels tired. Shagun is going to go for Lunch with Mani. Ishita asks her that where is she going. Shagun tells about that lunch, Ishita laughs and say that she is very happy for Shagun.

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