Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2016 Written Episode 964 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2016 2016 Written Episode 964, Written Update on

The serial YHM  starts with the scene when Ruhi asks Mihir what happened? Is Everything alright? Mihir says that you don’t worry, everything is alright. Ruhi thinks something is cooking here. Suddenly, Mihika is coming there and says to all that we have to do pooja now. Adtya and Ruhi are also coming there. Ruhi welcomes them and asks where is Pihu? Aditya says that Pihu is playing outside with some children.

Ruhi says ok. Raman asks where is Ishita? Mihika says that she is going to her clinic because there is one of the case of one child root canal. So that she is going there. Pandit ji says it’s a good time for pooja. Then how we can do pooja because we need one couple for this. Raman says it’s ok Mihika and Romi will sit in this pooja. Raman is missing Ishita very badly. But still he is thinking about her.

Ishita is going to meet Kunal Shetty with some Diwali gifts. She is going there just to find out any clue regarding the blackmailing. Yes she thinks that Kunal is blackmailing Mihika but taking those private pictures of Mihika and Mihir. But she is not having any proof for this. So that she is going there to get some proof against him. Due to which she will tackle this issue.

Here all people are going to an office for Diwali pooja with the office members where Ruhi is tensed to think about Mihir because she saw everything like Mihir was taking money from an office which is not right. But she decides that she will not say anything to anyone before the Diwali pooja. After this pooja, she will reveal this. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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But when Ishita is coming to meet him, all people are busy in Diwali preparations. Ishita says I want to meet Kunal Shetty. His receptionist says Sir is busy in Diwali celebration, so that he meet you. Ishita says you just go inside and then asks him Ishita Bhalla is coming here to meet him. Suddenly, the Kunal Shetty is coming there and welcomes Ishita there. He asks what happened? Ishita says I want to discuss something now. Kunal says I am busy with my employees.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2016 2016 Written Episode 964:

Ishita says please give me some time, I want to discuss something now. Kunal says ok. He calls her inside. Ishita starts to discuss Pihu’s custody case, she says that I need her at my home as soon as possible. Kunal says this is such a big case, we have to do something in the court. Suddenly, a peon is coming there with a gift and asks him can I put this gift here. Kunal says yes please. After this, Kunal is going near to him and gives some money to him for the Diwali celebration. In between, Ishita makes a video of his office.

After this Kunal is coming there to sit with Ishita. They are about to talk. Suddenly, a girl is coming there and says to him that Pandit ji is waiting for him for Diwali pooja. Kunal says to Ishita that you may go now because your family is also waiting for you now and here I am also busy now. So you please go now, wish a very happy Diwali to Romi, Raman, Ruhi, and all your family members from my side. Ishita says ok to him and thinks that she will reveal his reality one day at any cost.

Here Mihika tells to Mihir that Ishita called us at Canaught palace within one hour. Mihir says to her that ok I am going now. He says to Raman that I am going to attend a small get together at my friend’s home. He is going from there with a money bag which he had stolen from an office. Ruhi thinks what is going on. Here Mihika says to Romi that I am going to meet my friend whose husband is in the hospital and will come back soon. Romi asks May I also come with you. Mihika says no it’s ok, I will go and come soon. Romi says ok.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd November 2016 2016 Written:

Here Raman is coming to meet Pihu but Pihu is not ready to meet him. He pleads so much but Pihu is not ready to meet him. She says to her servant to keep Raman outside the home because she doesn’t want to see him. Raman is coming out, he is getting so much emotional and thne he meets with Pihu’s teacher. He comes to know that Pihu is not working well. Apart from this, Pihu is also carrying a hard cash which is not good for a child. She always do her lunch in the canteen and not carrying a tiffin. Raman says to her that thankyou so much for informing me all of this.

After some time, Raman makes a call to Ishita and asks her where is she? Ishita replies that she is busy in the clinic and will come before 9 at home. Raman says ok. Ishita feels bad because she told a lie to him. Aftre this Ishita, Mihika, Simmi, and Mihir are joining hand to rescue Mihika from the blackmailer. They are making a full proof plan in which Simmi and Mihir are going to the Kunal Shetty’s office and acts like a CID Inspector. They are going there and bring all important file at home. Ishita becomes so happy.

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