Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode 933 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, YHM Episode 933 Written Update on

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Toshi Bhalla is getting so tensed to think about Income Tax raid. Raman says to Toshi that please understand me, your all jewelry will definitely come back here. You don’t worry, they will return us one day. Toshi says to him that I have all purchasing receipts of this jewelry. Raman says please leave this matter maa, I will bring everything back. After this, Raman says that I will see Mani very soon.

Ishita is getting so much tensed because of all issues which is going on in her family. She is going to talk with her Amma (Madhu Iyer). Ishita is getting emotional and starts to cry a lot. Madhu is giving an emotional support to her. She says to Ishita that you are so strong and will handle everything. You are my strong daughter and will always be. I am proud of you. Ishita feels so strong and positive. She replies to her that you don’t worry, I will not cry anymore and will save our family from all problems and issues. Even though, I will resolve all the issues. Madhu Iyer accolades Ishita.

She says to Ishita that yu have to handle yourself because you are the only one who will tie this family always. So you have keep some patience. Ishita replies to her that don’t worry, I will look after everything and never separate my family. Madhu says that I know Toshi is also in tension. I made curry for her. She will become happy when we will offer curry to her.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode 933:

On the other side, Alia and Aditya Bhalla’s love story is going on. Their love feeling and emotions will come outside. Alia will confess her love to him. Due to which their couple will become more lovely and fantastic. But their parents such as Raman and Mani will become an enemy’s of their love and emotions. They will go against their love. But Ishita will ready to support their love. Aditya and Alia will become so happy. Must read Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd October 2016 written update.

Here Raman is taking a lot of drink and he is sitting in a hall room. Simmi, Toshi Bhalla, and Ruhi are coming there. Simmi asks why are you doing all this? Raman says that I know Ishita was doing brainwash of all of you. She was saying all this about me. Simmi says that no bhai, she didn’t say anything to us. This is what I want to say to you. Here Mani is waiting for Alia.

Suddenly, Mani gets Raman’s call. He thinks why Raman is calling me? But after all, he takes Raman’s call and asks why are you calling me? Raman scolds him and also use abuse words for him. Mani cuts the call. Raman gets angry here. Ishita is trying to handle him. Raman says that I will kill Mani one day if he will do anything with my daughter.

Here Alia is going to her home. She comes out from the auto and about to give fair to auto man. Suddenly, Aditya is also coming there with another Auto. Alia asks what are you doing here? Aditya replies to him that I was getting tensed for you, so that’s why I came behind you just to see you. Alia gets mesmerized. Alia and Aditya are looking into each other’s eyes. A song is plays on ‘Tu Safar Mera, Tu Mera Khuda.’

After some time, Raman is making a call to Mani but Pihu takes his call. But Raman thinks that Mani pick up the call. He scolds him and also use abusive words. Here Pihu gets shocked to hear all these bad words from his papa’s mouth. She says to Raman that you never think of me, you are not loving me. Even though I will not come at Bhalla house.

Raman gets angry and goes inside. Here all ladies are sitting in a hall room. They are showing that they are enjoying their drinks. Raman comes there and asks why are you doing this? Ishita says that we are trying to overcome our pain, so that’s why we are taking a drink. Raman scolds them and goes inside. Here Shagun thinks that finally I created an issue in between Raman and Pihu. She smiles.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd October 2016 Written Episode:

Here Raman is getting break down. He is crying a lot by missing Pihu a lot. A song is playing ‘ Ishwar Allah Jitne Bhi Hain, Tu hi Sabb Hai, Tu hi Rabb Hai.’ After some time, Ishita is coming there and says to him to please leave this anger behind. I don’t want to see you like this. Please get up and lets talk to me. I have to discuss something.  But Raman is sleeping. Ishita says to Raman that I will never leave you alone in this life. She is also getting emotional.

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