Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Serial start with the scene in which all the Bhalla house men are going inside to decide that what will they do to enjoy their 24-hour freedom. Raman says that all ladies gave us a freedom but it doesn’t mean that we will not do something wrong. They all starts to discuss what to do in next coming 24-hours. Romi says let’s enjoy our life in upcoming hours.

Therefore the Raman is getting ready to go for an outing. At last, they decide that they are going in the club and enjoying a lot. But when all ladies will come to know that all people are going in the club for enjoyment. They get jealous but they gave permission to them. So that they don’t have any option for this.

Here all ladies are getting curious to think about the plan of the men party. Here Vidyut is going to the Police station for registering a report against Nisha (the crazy fan) of Vidyut Sahay. Suddenly, he gets Raman’s phone call and he asks for the help. Vidyut asks will you again make me Ishita’s boyfriend? Raman says no, I need your help just for the sake of enjoyment and nothing else. Vidyut says ok to him.

Here Toshi Bhalla is getting tensed. Neelu asks what happened? May I heat your tea again? She is not replying. Neela shouts and asks what happened? Toshi says why are you shouting like this. Neela asks may I bring a tea for you again. She says ok. Here Ishita is doing dusting in the home. Neela asks why are you doing dusting in a whole night. Ishita says if I will do this then my mind will get occupy by something and I will not think about men party.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2016 Written Episode:

After this, Alia says to Ishita that I am going to the home. Ishita says let me drop you at your home. Alia says no, I am already so strong amma. Apart from this, I want to show Adi that I am so strong and will handle my all work on my own. Even I have booked a cab for me also. Ishita says ok. Alia is going downstairs. There she sees the same man who was coming to deliver the gift for Simmi.

She is going there and asks what why are you doing this? She starts to threaten him very badly. He is coming out from his car and says that I am not that man. Even I don’t know who are you? Have you any proof regarding me? Alia starts to scold him. He throws Alia backside. Suddenly, a man is coming there and handles Alia. He scolds that man very badly and says to Alia to go inside. Click here-> Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th December 2016 written update

Here Raman, Mr. Bhalla, Aditya, and Romi are coming to Vidyut’s home for the party. He welcomes them and also offers a branded scotch and whisky. They are about to start their party. Suddenly, a door knocks and Raman says let me open the door. He is going outside and gets a shagun thali. Raman brings that thali inside the home in which some fruits, kangana, and dry fruits are there.

Suddenly, Vidyut gets a call from Nisha and then she calls him as her husband. She says that I was sending a shagun thali to you. From now onwards, nobody will say anything else. Everybody will call me as your wife and you are my husband. She added that I know all people are calling Ishita as your girl-friend. Vidyut shouts on her very badly. He says that I will make your complaint in the police station.

Raman makes him relax and says that you don’t worry. I know most of the police here, please tell me what happened? He tells everything to Raman about Nisha (the crazy fan) of Vidyut. He says that don’t know how she can fidn out my all addresses and whenever I will go abroad, he will call me there too. Raman says you don’t worry, we will help you in this problem.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th December 2016 Written Episode:

Here Ishita is talking to Ruhi about her arrival. She asks what happened? When will you come back to Delhi? I am missing you a lot. Even we all are missing you a lot. Ruhi says I miss you to beta, please come back soon. Ruhi says ok Ishima please say to papa that I love him a lot. Ishita says ok and added that you will send your flight details to me, I will come there to pick up you. Ruhi says ok.

Suddenly, Pihu is coming there and asks Ishita about Alia. She asks where is Alia didi? I want to show you something. Ishita asks what? Pihu says it’s so special, please call Alia di back to the home. Ishita says that she already recahed to her home. Pihu says please call her now. Ishita makes a call to Alia and says her to come back because Pihu wants to show you something special. Alia says ok to her.

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Here Ishita, Toshi Bhalla, Shravan, Madhu, Pihu, and all other people are sitting in a hall room where Shravan says that he was gifted to Adi bhaiya. He was gifted a pen which is having a camera inside it. But using this camera, we will see what are they doing now? Ishita, Simmi, Alia, Toshi, and all other ladies are getting excited to see all people in the club. They are also hearing their conversation too. Mihika fumes and says that I will teach Romi a good lesson. Here Aditya hugs Romi and says that we are here in the club, it’s too nice. Ishita decides to teach them a lesson.

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