Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2016 Written Episode 965 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2016 2016 Written Episode 965, Written Update on

The serial YHM starts with the scene when Raman and Shagun are talking to each other about Pihu aka Ruhanika Dhawan. Shagun says to Raman that Pihu is my daughter and I will nourish her according to my choice and wish. All over I will do what I want. So you please don’t interfere in my life and especially into my daughter’s life. Raman gets angry and says to Shagun that I will not leave you like this.

Shagun says what do you want? Raman says that, this time Kunal will fight from my side. So that I will win this custody case and I will get back my daughter forever. She will come at my home very soon. So Shagun it’s really a less time left for you. Here Ishita thinks that she will exploit Kunal at any cost. Stay tuned with us. We will update here tonight.

Here Kunal Shetty is going to his office and scolds hi receptionist very badly. He is getting tensed to see his laptop is also missing. Ashok is also coming there. He says I have cross checked in IT department for the raid, but that raid was fake not right. Kunal gets shocked. Here Simmi calls someone to crack Kunal Shetty’s laptop password. Mihir, Ishita, Mihika, and Simmi are sitting at Mihir’s home.

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Finally, they have cracked out the passwords and thenget all the secrets of Kunal Shetty. Ishita calls him. Here Kunal thinks why Mihika is calling him. Ashok says you just put this phone call on speaker. Kunal takes a call and then Ishita is saying that I am Ishita Bhalla not Mihika, I know you get scared. She tells him that I did that raid and got your all secret papers. Kunal gets shocked.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2016 2016 Written Episode 965:

Ishita says to Kunal that whenever you will return Mihika’s CD then we will give you all your reports, files, and laptop. After to say all this, Ishita cuts the call. After this, she says to Mihika and Simmi that we have to go from here because it’s pooja time. Mihika says ok. Here Aditya is talking to Patty about the gift what Raman gave to Ishita on their first Diwali.

Suddenly, Raman is coming there and Aditya asks you that, you gave a tooth-brush to Ishima. Raman says what? She is a dentist, then what happened? She liked it. Here Shagun is talking to someone about Kunal Shetty’s lawyer. Here Ishita, and Mihika are coming at home where all people does their Lakshami Pooja. Ishita and all people are looking so happy together. Here Kunal is getting hyper and says that why I came into your gossips Ashok. Ashok says to Kunal that you don’t worry, I know someone who will help you.

Here Ashok is coming there to pick up Shagun aka Anita Hassanandani. She says to him that I am already disturbed by thinking about Kunal. Ashok says I have a solution for this, you just come with me. Shagun goes with him. He introduces Shagun with Kunal Shetty. She asks Kunal Shetty that you will fight Raman’s case or not? Kunal assures him that I will do any fight from his side, Shagun smiles.

After this, Shagun asks Ashok now you tell me, what you want. He says you just call ACP Abhishek here. Here Ishita is giving a gift to Raman and he gets so happy. In the next day morning, Ishita and Mihika are going to meet Kunal Shetty. Simmi says we have to tell everything to Raman. Ishita says no I didn’t say anything to him because he trust him blindly.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th November 2016 2016 Written:

Here Raman and Aditya are going to meet Alia just to give a diwali gift to her. Mani welcomes them and sits with them. Aditya says to Mani that papa gave a tooth brush to Ishima. Mani smiles and then calls Alia there. Alia is coming there and she is looking verey beautiful in a black dress. Aditya starres him. He stands up and gives a gift to her. She gets so happy to see that gift. Raman also gives a gift to her.

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