Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016 Written Episode 904 Update

YHM: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016 Written  Episode 904 Update on

The Upcoming Serial continues with the scene in which Raman is coming on the stage for giving thank you speech. Raman says to all that I want to say thanks to the woman who helped in making myself a good mother. Everyone claps each other. Ishita smiles a lot. Alia is getting shocked when goons attacked Mihir aka Raj Singh Arora. Mihir is getting injured very badly. Alia is getting scared very badly. She decides to call Ishita to inform her about Mihir’s bad conditions. After to handle Mihir, Alia makes a call to Ishita and informs her about Mihir’s injured condition. Alia says please comes fast Amma because Mihir is bleeding very badly. She is getting shocked. Ishita asks what happen? Alia says some goons attacked Mihir very badly and he got injured. Alia makes a request to Ishita and says that please do something Amma. I am getting so scared by seeing Mihir’s bad health. Ishita gets shocked and says to Alia that you don’t worry we will come there. Ishita asks Alia about their location.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016 Written Episode 904:

Alia tells everything to Ishita about her location. Ishita and Raman are reaching there. They take Mihir and rushes to the nearby hospital. Alia is getting so scared. Doctor shift Mihir to an operation theatre. Ishita says to Alia that you take some rest and have a cup of tea. Alia gets angry and scolds Ishita. She says that here Mihir is in operation theatre and you are thinking about tea. Ishita feels bad but she understands Alia’s situation.

Here Romi says I came here to give toothbrush. Vandu asks seriously. Romi says yes. Vadhu says I think you are doing romance with Mihika. Mihika laughs and says that Romi and Romance, what a joke. Even it would be good if we will not talk about romance. Vandu says why not, you guys dated each other for 7 years and now recently got married. Then, you people can do a lot of romance.

Vandu says to Romi that you may convince your beautiful wife. Mihika says what a joke, he will convince me. Even you just asks Romi that he likes me or not? I got old now and you are doing a lot of issues. Vandu asks Romi, did you guys had a fight. Romi says no to her. Vandu thinks that there is something fishy in between Romi and Mihika. Doesn’t know what happened with this beautiful couple.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4th September 2016:

Here Doctor says we have to do Mihir’s surgery. Alia gets scared very badly. She asks why? Doctor says, his stomach was stabbed very badly and his vessels are getting ruptured very badly. Doctor says you people gave to deposit your fees because we have to continue an operation as soon as possible.

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