Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2016 Written Episode 966 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2016 2016 Written Episode 966, Written Update on

The serial YHM starts with the scene when Ishita calls Mihika and Simmi there. Ishita says to them, Kunal calls her in a cafe at Connaught Palace. So that I am going there with Mihika. Simmi says to Ishita that you have to share this problem with bhai soon. Ishita says that it’s not right to discuss this matter with Raman because he trusts Kunal very much, so that he can never trust me. Simmi says ok.

Here Ishita and Mihika are coming to Connaught Palace just to meet Kunal Shetty. But Instead of Kunal, some other people are coming there who says to Ishita that we are from police Department and we got an information that you are trying to blackmail Kunal. So that we are coming here to arrest you. Ishita gets shocked and says that I want to make a phone call. But they doesn’t give permission to her. Mihika gets shocked.

Police brings Mihika and Ishita to the police station. Shagun is also sitting in the same cafe. She makes a call to Ashok and informs him about the arrest case. She asks him that have you informed media or not? Ashok says yes you don’t worry, I have informed media and media will present outside the Police station.

Here Mihir is making a call to Mihika and Ishita but they are not giving any response. He gets tensed. Raman is coming there and says to Mihir that you are going to the meeting because Romi is going to the factory. Mihir says ok. Raman says that please cancel my all meetings because I want to give my all time to Kunal Shetty.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2016 2016 Written Episode 966:

Mihir asked why? Raman says that I am going to take Pihu’s custody by using that advocate. Mihir says ok. Here Aditya is doing romance with Alia in the cabin. Alia says please don’t do anything because someone is coming here anytime. Suddenly, Raman is coming there and gets them in a romantic state.

He says to Aditya that you people are in the office and you have to do some work now. Aditya and Alia are getting shy. After this, they are going in the Raman’s cabin. Here Ishita and Mihika are going to the police station where all media is present. They are asking a number of questions to Ishita and Mihika.

But they are completely silent. Here Shagun and Ashok are watching TV together and becomes so happy. Shagun asks where is CD in real. Ashok says that I know Ishita did all this, so that’s why I put this CD at my home. Shagun says you are a genius man and you are such a brilliant man too. Ashok smiles.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th November 2016 2016 Written:

Here a girl is coming in Raman’s cabin and says that sir please check out the tv. Raman switched on the TV and gets to know about Mihika and Ishita like they blackmailed Kunal Shetty and now they are in the police station. Aditya and Raman are getting shocked. They are going to the police station and brings them at home on bail.

After some time, Mihika and Ishita are coming back to home. Ruhi is crying a lot and hugs Ishita because she is worried to think about her. Ishita says to her that I am ok beta please don’t do this. You just relax. Ruhi gets relax and goes inside. After this, Ishita says to Mihika to tell everything to everyone. Mihika is looking towards Romi. Mr. Bhalla says that we will talk on this matter tomorrow.

All people are going into their rooms where Mihika is crying a lot. Romi asks everything. Mihika tells everything to him and and says I am sorry Romi. Romi says that I am getting so shocked to hear this and your raid idea was fabulous. Romi smiles a lot. Mihika is crying a lot. Romi says you don’t worry, I trust you always. Mihika and Romi hugs each other. Here Ishita tell everything to Raman aka Karan Patel. Raman gets angry and says to Ishita that why were you doing all this? This is not right. w

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