Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2016 Written Update YHM Serial Forthcoming News

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2016 Written Update YHM Serial Forthcoming News on

This serial starts with Mihika speaks with Rommy Bhalla that where is he going. He says that i am going to office. Mihika says that today is very happy day. Today Shagun and Man marry with each other in Court. Rommy says that its Shagun’s marry, not mine. Mihika says that how do you say like that. Rommy says that why are you so reacting like those normal ladies. Rommy says that he will be coming at the time of marriage. Mihika says to herself that she also don’t want to become that type of ladies but you make her like them.

Mani asks from Toshi Bhalla that where is Pihu. Toshi says that she is going to play with children. We don’t want to know her about all this. So we says to Pihu to play going down. Jeweller is coming to Bhalla’s home. Ishita see a diamond set for Shagun. Ishita looks that set on Shagun’s neck. Ishita says that this is Kashmiri style Diamond set and it suits on you. But Shagun doesnot say any words. Ishita asks Shagun that why are you tensed. Shagun says that she want to talk to Raman and Ishita. Raman is come over there and talk to Shagun and Ishita. Shagun says to Raman that i am so tensed to think that how Pihu lives without me. Pihu always presumes Shagun as mother.Shagun says that Pihu will not be ready to live with Ishita and Raman. Shagun says that i want to take Pihu with herself after marry. She wants to live with Pihu always.

Ruhi is also present when Shagun says all this. Shagun says that she is Pihu’s mother and she always lookafter her. Ruhi corrects Shagun that Ishita is Pihu’s Mother. Shagun seems to be Pihu’s mother, she is not actual mother of Pihu. Ishita says to Ruhi that Shagun is Pihu’s mother. Raman says that stop all this. We will discuss it later.

Forthcoming Serial Precap: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th August 2016 Written Update YHM

Pihu is playing in the play ground. A man is coming and ask Pihu about to know an address. He says to Pihu that is she know that address? She see that address and tell him that this is her home address. The man tells Pihu that he has to deliver bangals on that address. Pihu asks that this is CHUDDA (Bangals used at the time of marriage in Punjabis). The man says that yes you are correct. The man asks from Pihu that means someone is marry in your home. Pihu asks him that who is going to marry at my home. That man says that Shagun and….. Pihu seems that Shagun and Raman again marry with each other. She is not ready to listen that man’s word. Pihu runs and goes to ask from Shagun about marriage. She asks from Shagun that papa (Raman) and mummy(Shagun) again marry with each other. The man who is coming to deliver that bangals says that Shagun and Mani marry with each other. The man says to Pihu that Mani’s name is fixed on this CHUDDA.  Pihu asks from Shagun that is this correct? Shagun wants to make her understand about the truth. but Pihu doesnot try to listen anything. Mani says that we have to give her sometime.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2016 Written Update:

Pihu asks from Shagun that how can she do this. Raman is her father then why she is going to marry with Mani. Pihu asks from Raman that Papa please try to make mummy(Shagun) understand. Ishita says to Pihu that Shagun is going everything correct. Pihu says that i hate you. All happens just because of you. Nobody wants to see my mother happy in this home. Pihu cries and run for their room. She is very upset for this happenings.

Shagun goes to her room and Mani is going behind her. Shagun says to Mani that Pihu will never live without her. She is years.very much habitual for Shagun. Shagun says that she take care Pihu from last 7 years. Shagun says to Mani that She can’t go with Mani after marriage without Pihu. She can’t tears in Pihu’s eyes. She can’t live without her. She says to Mani that we have to give sometime to Pihu to ajust all this. Mani says that he talks to Ishita and make her understand.

Ishita and Toshi talks to each other. Toshi says to Ishita that she doesn’t take any tension. Ishita says that i am Devki  but Shagun is Yashoda. Ishita says that Shagun look after her from last 7 years. But Ruhi comes and says to Ishita that i am also think like Pihu in that time. But i was well known about Shagun. So why are you so much thinking about Pihu. Pihu is only Ishi Maa’s daughter. Ruhi says to Ishita that she will make her aware about the truth of herself. Ishita says that we have to give Pihu to Shagun for sometime. Ruhi says to Ishi Maa that you are again doing a mistake. She says that she is a better mother than Shagun. One day, Pihu also understands the reality.

Shagun says to Raman that she wants to take Pihu with her. Ishita comes there. Ishita says that she know about Pihu. She says that we all know that Pihu is not living without Shagun. But she is not ready to give Pihu to Shagun after marriage.  Shagun is not ready to accept Ishita’s decision. She cries and go to her room. Shagun is playing drama. She says to herself that Ishita exactly reacts as like she thinks.

Forthcoming News Review: Ishita is going from there and she finds the letter written by Anil( Kidnapper). Ishita opens that letter and read it. Ishita read the name of Kidnapper written by Anil. Shagun’s name is written by Anil in this letter. Ishita shocks to see her name. She goes to police station and calls everyone to come over there. Whole family reach to police station. Ishita blames on Shagun that she is behind her kidnapping. All are in jerk to listen Ishita’s accuse.

Shagun is very clever and puts call to Ashok. She says to Ashok to come to police station. Ashok thinks that there is some spicy news behind Shagun’s call. He have to go there and to know the truth. But Shagun want to prove that she is not victim. She want to trap Ashok from all this. Ashok reaches to police station. Shagun says to all that Ashok is the actual offender. He wrote this letter. After listening Shagun’s words, Ashok is also in shock.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th August 2016 Episode Update:

Raman screams Ishita that how can she blames Shagun about her kidnapping. Shagun has taken care of Pihu from last 7 years when Ishita left her. Ishita try to make him understand but Raman is not ready to hear any word. Shagun and Ishita stand up in front of each other, here Shagun says to Raman that he got marry with Ishita to take custody of Ruhi. Now i drags Ishita to the court to take custody of Pihu. Ishita seems her like a stranger. Ishita thinks that how can Shagun’s behaviour change? Ishita thinks that is she become same as before like an enemy.

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