Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update Future Twist

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update Twist Future story of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Spoilers & latest news/Update on

Bala is coming to Kiran Bhatnagar’s home. He rings up the door bell. Kiran comes out and asks him what happened? What are you doing here? Bala says that I know very well that why are you coming to Delhi? Kiran says that if you already knew this, then why are you interfering with my life. Bala asks where is Raman? Kiran replies that he is sleeping inside.

Bala is coming inside and gets Raman there. He asks what is this? Suddenly, Raman wakes up and then asks Bala what are you doing here in my home in an early morning? Kiran says to Raman that it’s my home and you slept here when we were doing work. Raman says ok. He says sorry to Kiran and says to Bala how do you know that I am here.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Bala says that I saw your car in the compound. So that I am coming here directly. Raman says ok. Bala says Ishita is getting worried and she thought like you are here with me. Raman asks why didn’t she make a call to me? Bala says your phone is getting switched off. Raman says oh no, Ishita is getting worried. Bala says yes, we have to go to the home now.

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Here Aditya and Alia are getting ready for going to their honeymoon. Ishita, Mihika, and all other family members are getting so happy to see them happy. Aditya asks where is papa? Ishita says he is outside for some work. Suddenly, Raman is coming there and see them. Ishita asks where were you? Raman says I was outside for work.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update:

Bala and Mihika are saying that they are going to drop Aditya and Mihika to the airport. Ishita and Raman are coming back into their room whereas Raman tells everything to Ishita that I was getting sleep down in Kiran’s house because I took allergy medicine and that’s why I got sleepy there. Ishita says ok. She is pulling Raman’s leg by doing this. Here Aditya and Alia are reaching Mumbai. They are enjoying a lot there. Alia is looking beautiful in pink nighty. They are romancing each other.

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