Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2016 Written Episode 967 Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2016 2016 Written Episode 967, Written Update on

The serial YHM starts with the scene when Romi is coming in Raman’s room just to talk to him. Raman says to Romi that I ma sorry yar, I know Ishita did wrong. Romi says no bhai, Ishita bhabhi did right, she was trying to save Mihika from this problem. Raman says that I know but media is creating such type of bad scenes against Ishita and Mihika. Romi says I never think about the world but this thing brings me Mihika and me close to each other.

Ishita and Raman are talking to each other about the Kunal Shetty’s matter. Raman scolds Ishita aka Divyanka Tripathi for doing this. He says that your one step can ruin my all ideas every time and that’s why I am getting angry. In the morning, Ishita brings breakfast for the Raman. But he starts to ignore her and also don’t talks to her. Ishita gets irritated.

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She says to Raman that why are you doing this? If you show this type of behavior then  how we will resolve this matter. As I told Kunal is a fraud man and he never helps us. Why are you not ready to trust me? Raman says ok and I will also go with you to the police station where Police calls him, we asks a number of questions, but then what happen?

Suddenly, Simmi is coming there and tries to talk to Raman but he is looking so angry. Ishita says why we are doing double fight every time, with the world and husband too. She is going from there. After some time, Mihir is coming there and asks Simmi, Is everything alright? Simmi says yes everything is alright.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2016 2016 Written Episode 966:

Mihir asks Is Romi behaving well with Mihika. Please god, Romi understands her. Simmi says you don’t worry, Romi is behaving very positively. Mihir says ok. After some time, Ishita and Raman are coming to the police station whereas Kunal Shetty is also there. Ishita says that Kunal is having a CD which relates to Mihika and he was also blackmailing my sister.

Raman says that if Ishita is saying all this, then this is right because she never tells a lie. Kunal says that I didn’t do all this, only Ishita have stolen all my files from my office and started to blackmail me. Ishita says no, he is telling a lie and nothing else. Suddenly, Ashok is coming there and says that I blackmailed Mihika, even she is my ex-wife and that’s why I was just teasing her and nothing else.

Here Shagun and Pihu are going in the kitty party where all children are coming with their mummy’s. One of the lady says to her daughter that don’t you dare to play with Pihu because she is a daughter of a criminal mother. Pihu feels bad and says to Shagun that I want to go back to home. Shagun asks what happened? Pihu says nothing i just want to go back.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2016 2016 Written:

After some time, Shagun and Pihu are coming back to home. Shagun makes her to sleep down and then shouts very badly by saying that why is Pihu doing this? Mani and Alia at home. They are coming there and asks what happened Shagun? Shagun says that I get these sleeping pills near to Pihu. What was she doing with these sleeping pills. Suddenly, Pihu gets up and says that I don’t take any pill. Even I don’t know about these pills. Shagun says please don’t tell a lie my dear, please tell me the truth.

Pihu gets silent. Here Raman shouts at Ishita by saying that why were you doing this? Ishita says why are you saying this? Why are you doing this? Raman asks what? Ishita says  they are not playing a big game with us. Please try to understand. Raman gets angry. Kunal is going through there. Raman stops him and says sorry to him by saying that my wife was doing a big mistake.

Kunal says please leave me I will not fight any case from your side. After to say all this, Kunal is going from there. Ishita says that why are you behaving like this Raman. He is not a good man. Raman gets burts out and says to her that don’t you sya all this, Kunal is the only man who brought my daughter back to home. But now you are ruining everything.

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